Dark Matter: Cast Members Talk Season 2, New Characters

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The media was invited to join members of the Dark Matter cast in a pair of conference calls on Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24 to discuss the new characters and the upcoming Dark Matter Season 2, which is scheduled to premiere July 1, 2016 at 10/9c on Syfy.

The participating cast members were Anthony Lemke (Three), Alex Mallari Jr. (Four), and Shaun Sipos (Devon) on Thursday and Melissa O’Neil (Two), Roger Cross (Six), and Melanie Liburd (Nyx) on Friday.

Dark Matter Cast

The New Guys

Shaun Sipos and Melanie Liburd, who are the new additions to the series, were very glad to be a part of the show and shared their appreciation of the cast and crew and positive experiences on set.

“Nobody on that set has any sort of ego and they’re all so welcoming,” Sipos said.

Liburd shared that she was very excited about joining the show and also praised the Dark Matter fans for their support.

“The fans have already been so supportive […] and they haven’t even seen the show yet!”

Liburd described her character, Nyx, as “a strong individual who’s been looking after herself. She has a secret that will come out later on.” Later, she added, “[Nyx] hasn’t really had any family or had anyone who she’s been very close to for a while.”

Liburd also remarked that Nyx is “a very physical being. She loves the bo-staff, she loves the sword, and she loves the guns,” which puts Nyx in a similar vein as Lemke's character, Three, who has a habit of naming his guns. (But not his knife. Because that would be psycho.)

Melissa O'Neil described Nyx's storyline as very exciting, and Roger Cross called her a "very strong, powerful character" who "spices things up" for the crew of the Raza.

Meanwhile, Sipos's character is very different from his fellow newbie.

“Devon has a unique effect on the ship because he’s a healer,” he explained. “Everyone trusts a doctor, it’s a source of comfort if things go awry. I think that he simultaneously provides comforts to others, while others are still suspicious.”

Indeed, despite the fact that Devon is a doctor, there do seem to be elements that don't trust him very quickly.

“I think they’re suspicious of Devon,” Sipos elaborated. “He proves himself pretty quickly [but] he’s a stranger, the way he came aboard the ship was very circumstantial.”

“Three is established as a character who doesn’t trust easily,” Lemke remarked. “[Three] wouldn’t just jump in and trust Devon instantly, though he does prove his merit.”

The Crew of the Raza

Meanwhile, the established cast members also shared their thoughts on their characters moving into Dark Matter Season 2.

“We know literally as much as the audience does, and no more. [In the second season], you’re going to learn a lot more about our past,” explained Anthony Lemke (Three).

Melissa O'Neil remarked how “everyone comes with their own set of baggage” on the Raza, while Roger Cross described it as a “very diverse group of people that comes together to form a very bizarre family.”

O'Neil assured that there would be more exploration into her character's nature during Season 2. Two, who was revealed to be an illegally-created synthetic human in Dark Matter Season One, was quite vehement about repudiating her history as deadly mercenary Portia Lin and embracing her new identity post-amnesia.

“She comes into this environment where more than ever she can do things on her own [thanks to her nanites].”

Meanwhile, Six will be forced to grapple with his own personal demons after the dramatic reveal that his character was actually an undercover agent of the Galactic Authority when he betrayed the crew of the Raza.

“Even with the best intentions, things can go awry,” explained Roger Cross. “He’s a cop, he swore an oath to uphold the law and protect people.”

“He only wants to do the right thing,” he added. Unfortunately, Six is faced with the realization that what is lawful and what is good aren't always the same thing. “Who is really good and who is really bad? [...] Every time he thinks he knows who he is, he gets thrown a curveball.”

Gun-loving Three has his own voyage of discovery: “My character was totally fine [with being a bad guy],” Lemke said, but now Three is “moving down the empathy route, being able to connect with people.”

One big surprise to come out of Season One was the breakout character of The Android: she doesn't even have a name, but she proved to be a major hit among fans with her journey of self-discovery and the hilariously deadpan way she delivers her lines. Melissa O'Neil revealed that The Android is slated for some specific developments this season.

What's Coming in Season 2

The cast members were understandably cagey about specific details regarding the upcoming season, though there were a few tidbits dropped here and there.

“It’s going to be a fun ride,” said Alex Mallari, who also said that there will be a lot of action and that it jumps right into the excitement. “All storylines will have their answers in time.”

Continuity was a one word bandied about when asked to sum up the season in a few short words.

Melissa O'Neil hinted at the crew diving into a “budding intergalactic corporate conspiracy,” along with both introspection and adventure, while Lemke teased that viewers will learn a lot more about the pasts of the Raza crew.

“It’s all about who you can trust,” Lemke said. “Season 2 is about testing those bonds [of trust] and seeing which break and which don’t.”

Members of the cast will be live-tweeting during when the Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 1 airs on July 1, so be sure to join in the conversation as well as check out our review after the episode airs!

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