Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Should Have Custody of Thomas?

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Jennifer decided to sue for custody and take Thomas from Chad, Theresa lashed out as Brady thought he could leave her behind, and Aiden got caught in yet another lie this weak in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Tapdancer from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate who should have custody of Thomas, Paul’s new role as a P.I.and whether anyone would trust Aiden after this latest lie. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Would Jennifer make a better caregiver for Thomas than his father, Chad?

Tapdancer: No. Both of her kids have issues and Jennifer spent six months popping pills. Chad has done nothing to harm his son, so there's no reason Thomas should be taken from him.

Jack: I think they are both unfit but Jennifer has a slight edge. She made some horrendous mistakes with JJ, but hiring an unstable 18-year-old as a nanny and trying to cut the baby's family out of his and his mother's life aren't among them. And she is actually getting help with her problems and has support, neither of which can be said for Chad.

Christine: I don’t see where Chad has done anything wrong. He loves and cares for his son and he has the resources to hire plenty of help. On the other hand, Jennifer is a newly recovering addict; every day is a struggle to stay clean. She’s made it clear that she hates Chad simply because he’s a Dimera. Why would Chad want an unstable woman who hates him caring for his son, even if she is Thomas’ grandmother?

Chad and Jennifer Butt Heads - Days of Our Lives

Should Theresa have allowed Brady to head to Las Vegas alone?

Tapdancer: Brady should have known Theresa would want to go with him to find their son. If he had wanted her to stay home, he should have called her from the plane.

Jack: Nope, though a break from them fighting about Summer would be nice. Brady had some nerve telling her to stay home. What's with the "protect the little woman" BS on this show?

Christine: Theresa has her flaws but she’s smarter and tougher than Brady will ever hope to be. Trying to leave Theresa behind was ridiculous. She’s Tate’s mother. He’s lucky she didn’t trample him on her way out the door to Vegas. 

Would you ever believe anything Aiden says after these latest developments?

Tapdancer: No. I'm sure Aiden is still hiding something.

Jack: Yes. I trust his statements that he loves Hope and anything that isn't influenced by fear. Aiden has a major character flaw similar to what Nicole used to, so anytime he's afraid he or Chase is in trouble his honesty is suspect, but there's still hope for him.

Christine: Aiden lied about his gambling issues. He lied about working for the Dimeras. He only proposed and married Hope because he was ordered to and was then supposed to kill her and cash in the life insurance. Now he’s lied yet again. Why Hope decided to give him a second chance is a complete mystery but I pray she’s learned never to trust a word he says, I know I have. 

What do you think of Paul working with John as a P.I.?

Tapdancer: I think it's silly that a famous ex-baseball star and model would become a detective. I think Paul would be happier working as a coach or trainer.

Jack: Love it! It's great to see Paul and John bonding and I'm enjoying their banter.

Christine: I’m really enjoying it. I’m grateful that Paul finally has a more active role in Salem because being a model was boring. Also, anything that has John saying Days of Our Lives quotes like this one that made me laugh is good with me! 

I'm not cold and cunning. I'm unreadable and sly.


What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Tapdancer: I'm disappointed that Deimos didn't tell Roman the truth. I'd love to see Kate behind bars where she belongs.

Jack: How stupid and contrived this Rafe/Hope situation is. I can't believe this version of Rafe is an ex-FBI agent.

Christine: That Brady would decide not to call the police or FBI when they knew Summer was in Vegas because he was determined to handle it himself. The flight there will take hours! Summer and Tate could be long gone by then. I want to like Brady but he continually proves he’s an idiot. 

Philip Want To Hire Chloe - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline of the week?

Tapdancer: I liked Chloe singing for Philip. She's a pleasure to listen to after suffering through Claire's songs all these months.

Jack: JJ telling Chad that every time he tries to trust him, Chad does something to make it impossible. I also loved the scenes with Theresa and Belle. This is the Belle I remember!

Christine: Theresa telling off Brady for bringing Summer into their lives. For months he belittled Theresa every time she dared question bringing a con artist not only back to Salem but into their home. As much as I don’t want to hear these two argue over and over again, Brady deserved to hear every word. 

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics! Who do you think should have custody of Thomas?

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