Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 5 Review: A Time to Spill

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Devious Maids gave us lots to think about this week.

Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 5 dealt with the fallout of Daniela finding out about Carmen being her mom, Spence collapsing in prison and Genevieve falling deeper into some unknown cult.

There were also plenty of revelations to go around, creating even more danger and drama.

Are you sure it's not a brain tumor?


Spence being drugged by Ben through his coffee makes sense, but he isn't exactly helping figure out what happened to him.

Rosie and Genevieve working together on this sounds much better. Genevieve is a great actress, something she will need if she is going to infiltrate this new-aged cult.

Genevieve joining through Fabian should be fun, especially after he called her old in public. Just because he didn't get her to join, doesn't mean he can be nasty because it's not what's going to win her over. 

Genevieve held her own though and it's nice to see her finding a purpose even if her best friend isn't around. Zoila and Genevieve had a great friendship, but they needed to see what was out there in order to find their way back.

And it looks like they will meet again at a special kind of meeting, something I'm sure will play out even better than expected.

But if it shows up you can take your shirt off again and come get it.


Kyle somehow became more interesting to watch when his jealousy popped up. Being the leader of a freaky cult didn't hurt this new side of him, if we are being honest.

This mother/son manipulation is very reminiscent of Desperate Housewives, but there needs to be more answers than questions. Kyle and his mother haven't been in the same room lately, but hopefully that will be resolved soon.

Working together with this new religion goes beyond just gaining members. Are they a matchmaking service on the side, as well?

Kyle being revealed as part of the circle was the best addition to this cult group. Clearly his feelings for Zoila will mess with that, but is it worth it?

Do you think Kyle's feelings will get in the way of this Scientology-type cult leadership he has going on?

Meanwhile Zoila is digging herself into a bigger hole, and it feels like the only way she will get out of it is when the owner of the home returns.

Adrian and Zoila plotting together isn't something I expected, but now I want to see more of it soon. Adrian isn't as stupid as Zoila thought he was, and there is a real chance of a friendship. 

He helped her get Kyle back, without her even knowing that this was going on. But winning Kyle back may be the least of Zoila's problems, what with him being part of a cult that got someone killed.

Not only will Zoila have to deal with her lies, she will also have to get herself out of whatever is forming right next door to her.

I do enjoy belittling people. It really is my best thing


Evelyn getting a job and holding it down is a step in the right direction, even if she is working for Marisol.

This back and forth between her and Adrian is even better to watch now that they aren't together. Those two antagonizing each other escalating in a public gala was the best scene of the episode.

Both of them are trying to take the other one down, so I give them a few more episodes before they get back together.

It was nice to see someone else appreciate Evelyn though, even if it was for all the wrong reasons. 

This generous gentleman sees Evelyn as a perfect person, something he will figure out isn't the case. Evelyn should be appreciated for who she is, and it looks like it's Adrian that's the clear winner in that case.

And as much as Adrian/Evelyn stand out together, he will have to change his ways if he wants to be worthy of Evelyn. The only way their relationship may work is if one of them changes their ways. Adrian was in the wrong this time around.

I wasn't a ho. I was popular.


Daniela finding out about Carmen being her mother didn't make her any better. She is still acting very insensitive, except this time it's towards her mother. She doesn't appreciate her mother for raising her just because she didn't give birth to her?

Daniela is old enough to know better, yet she continues to act so childish. Finding out that your mother wasn't your birth mother is hard, but Daniela isn't handling it in any reasonable way.

Daniela seems to think you have to have everything in common with a parent to make them your family, but that isn't true at all. Josefina took care of Daniela all her life, something she needs to appreciate because it's what got her to LA in the first place.

She is translating all of her feelings onto Carmen, not getting that she was given to Josefina for a reason.

And even when she seemed to understand what was going on between her and Carmen, she still went against her wishes. Trying to find her father sounds like a horrible idea, which is probably right up her alley. 

And as for Jesse ... he contributes nothing to Daniela's story anymore. He doesn't fit the dotting boyfriend category, and their scenes are falling flat.

Jesse and Daniela didn't make sense before and being together doesn't make it any better. 

Do you think Daniela's father is worth finding? 

What do you think of this new cult? Who do you think should join them to shake things up a bit more? Is Kyle more interesting now that he has a bigger purpose?

Let us know what you think below and watch Devious Maids online on TV Fanatic if you can't get enough of this new season.

A Time to Spill Review

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