Killjoys Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Schooled

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It was Delle Seyah's turn to resurface this time. Now we know she's in with Khlyen.

Though both those characters seemed like the villains last season, Killjoys Season 2 Episode 4 continued to blur the lines between the good guys and baddies. Yes, Khlyen has done some terrible things, but I no longer think he is the enemy.

I thought the brother angle was touching, and it helped John and D'av bond a bit more.

Based on the "previously on Killjoys" intro, it was clear Delle Seyah Kendry was back to cause Dutch and the boys some grief. She is one of those characters we just love to hate and Mayko Nguyen plays her to perfection.

The screaming-person-in-a-pod threw me for a moment, because I kept thinking of Khlyen. Last time we saw our favorite silver fox, he was trapped by the Black Root though Level 6 Fancy was at his side. After re-watching the episode, I now realize it was Olan little Jake's big brother in the pod. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case you were confused as well.

Anyway, the mission seemed pretty cut and dried, but naturally Khlyen's involvement complicated matters.

The opening wrestling scene between Dutch and D'av was pretty hot, wasn't it? Makes me wonder if those two are meant to be, but just taking the time to become friends first. Seems like D'av is a bit jealous of Alvis. Why exactly is that? Is he aware of Dutch and Alvis' romantic history?

It didn't take long for Turin to interrupt their "session" and share some important info.

Turin: I know where RED 17's last transmission went.
Dutch: Definitely not interrupting. Where?
Turin: Prodigy school. Quadrant 4.
D'av: Prodigy school?
Dutch: School for gifted Westie kids.

The question was, why did Khlyen send that final transmission to a school? As always, the Killjoys first stop was the Royale and it was great to see Pree again. Anyone else miss Thom Allison when he's sidelined for a few episodes?

When Sabine caught D'avin's eye (can you blame him?), I got the feeling she's going to play a larger role this season. Since Pawter is such an important link between the Nine and Old Town, I doubt her life's in any real danger. However, don't grow too attached to Sabine, because I'm guessing she won't be around long.

Pree filled our heroes in on Pawter's escapades, and we cut to Johnny tracking her down. I was glad to see that it wasn't Jelco or The Company who knocked her out on Killjoys Season 2 Episode 3.

Though Johnny was there to rescue the pretty pretty princess, I love that Pawter is more than capable of handling herself. Nerve pinch... Ha! She's definitely not as fragile as she originally appeared.

The Big Borna sequence was fun and it gave Aaron Ashmore a chance to kick a little butt. Aaron's mentioned to me in interviews that he wishes Johnny had more action scenes. He just loves that stuff.

Is it me or did Dutch seem a tiny bit jealous of Johnny/Pawter? I mean, what she was saying made sense, but there's a deep love there that could potentially evolve into something more. No?

Though I can definitely see a Dutch/John hookup happening in Season 5 or 6, for right now I'm rooting for Johnny and Pawter. Wasn't their scene together wonderful? The cast is infinitely more comfortable and at ease in their roles this season.

The company's building a cage for this entire moon. I can't just sit by and watch. You work at the RAC. I don't want to get you in trouble.


Johnny inviting Pawter aboard Lucy was clearly going to rub Dutch the wrong way. I'm glad she kind of laughed it off because I hate when the Killjoys fight.

Either way, with Pawter finding this new cause it appears she won't be hanging out on Lucy for long stretches of time. Will John accompany her to Qresh? Imagine what an awkward family reunion that's going to be? I'm curious to see how both characters handle that situation.

The little boy, Jake's, father was a jerk, but you could understand his situation. I loved that D'avin stepped in and roughed the guy up. Bullies suck!

Without a doubt, we're seeing a different side of D'av this season and I like him so much more now. Do you think we'll get a flashback to the Jaqobis' childhood? Though I'd love to see that, I'm not sure we need it. I think we understand pretty well what made the brothers who they are today.

I loved the scenes between D'av and Jake. The writers are working overtime to get us to like D'av... I'm easy. Totally sold!

The exchange about a brother always having your back, "even if they stab you in it" was priceless. What a cool callback to Killjoys Season 1 Episode 7.

As I mentioned, Delle Seyah popping up at Prodigy was no surprise since we saw her on the "previously on" at the top. At this point, I just wasn't sure why Khlyen would send her his final transmission. Do you think she and Khlyen are working together against the Black Root? Perhaps they're not the baddest of the bad after all. Who is the bigger threat... Could it be "The Lady"?

I enjoyed learning that Pawter and Delle Seyah went way back, and even played pranks on each other as kids. The fact the kids in the cryo-pods were liquefied, on the other hand, was not so cool.

John: What is it?
Pawter: DNA. Amino acids. Proteins. We found the kids Johnny. This is all that's left of them.

Damn, I keep forgetting Killjoys can get seriously dark. Those poor innocent small fries never stood a chance.

Pretty creepy to think the sleeping geniuses in cryo were "learning." As someone who is claustrophobic, just the thought of that freaks me out. Man, I hope that type of tech is not what awaits our great-grandchildren's children. There's nothing like experiencing something, to learn from it.

The chase for the school teacher, Chambers, was a tad predictable. I knew she wasn't a ghost, besides a hologram made much more sense. What I didn't see coming, was that Olan was alive and responsible for terrorizing the team.

Yes, I should have known he was the person we saw screaming in the cryo-pod at the start of the episode. Somehow I just didn't connect the dots. How did all this tie-in with Khlyen though?

Finally Delle Seyah came clean, and we learned she and Khlyen communicated regularly. What?!? That seems to back my theory they're on the good side.

Olan's "headache" visions proved Khlyen's files were transferred to his noggin. I'm assuming Khlyen knew those memories would be transferred to the kids, right? If the pods had not malfunctioned, each child would hold a different piece of the puzzle. Kind of like Voldemort and the Horcruxes.

That would make it difficult for Khlyen's enemy to know exactly what he was up to... Brilliant really.

Unfortunately, Olan ended up with all the data which drove him a little nutty. Good thing Johnny was able to use his little brother ninja skills to talk the kid down.

So, last week we were introduced to "mossipedes," here Johnny joked about "kidcicles." The writing team is having a ball, aren't they? We met our first Killjoys creature last week and a neat little robot joined the world this episode.

The visual effects team were given a few shots to really shine as well. The Prodigy Station looked pretty amazing, as did Lucy and that quick peek at the Scarback Monastery on Leith. Nice work guys, bravo!

What did you think of "Schooled"? Were you glad to see Delle Seyah return? Did you know Olan was behind everything? Will Alvis be able to help unlock whatever is in Olan's head? Will Khlyen and Fancy meet D'av and Johnny's parents? You're up, hit the comments section and share your thoughts on the episode below.

As always, you can watch Killjoys online via TV Fanatic anytime if you miss an installment. Good thing this show only gets better with repeat viewings.

NOTE: Killjoys Season 2 Episode 5 is titled "Meet the Parents" and airs on July 29.

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Killjoys Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

The company's building a cage for this entire moon. I can't just sit by and watch. You work at the RAC. I don't want to get you in trouble.


Turin: I know where RED 17's last transmission went.
Dutch: Definitely not interrupting. Where?
Turin: Prodigy school. Quadrant 4.
D'av: Prodigy school?
Dutch: School for gifted Westie kids.