Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Tourist Trap

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It's bad enough when Major Crimes can't solve a series of robberies, but when the robber escalates to murdering a British tourist, it becomes an international incident.

Or at least, that's what Chief Taylor thought at the beginning of Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 6. By the end of the hour, it turned out it was a hit for hire. Was it even related to the robbery spree?

Investigating An Attack - Major Crimes

This is what it's come to, eh? Deciding which prison I'm going to die in.


Marcus Kemp, the actual assassin, was a piece of work. Even with his confession, it wasn't clear what the real story was.

Claire Branson hired Kemp to kill her husband, but was Robert really trying to leave her, or was that in Kemp's head? What did the murder have to do with Kemp's blackmail of Claire Branson?

And what did it have to do with the string of robberies? That connection was quickly dropped, making me wonder whether Major Crimes was ever going to solve that case.

Buzz is a blank screen on which you are telling a compelling story.


Reporter Peter Ogden was just as obnoxious as Kemp. Was anyone else disappointed that he didn't turn out to be the murderer? He was British, hated cops, and seemed cynical enough to pull it off while pretending to be investigating the case.

In any event, Ogden's advice to Rusty was completely ridiculous.

While Rusty needs more exposure, he doesn't need to get views by sensationalizing or completely making things up and hiding behind the claim that it's just a theory.  

Hopefully Rusty will ignore this stupid advice altogether.

Sharon: It's your mother.
Rusty: I don't feel like being manipulated today.

Speaking of Rusty, hopefully this ridiculous storyline about his bio mom's baby is over after this. Rusty was right that his bio mom was just trying to manipulate him. She's been putting the decision about the baby on him for weeks now.

It's nice that she stopped by to thank him after he finally picked up her phone, but are Gary's parents really decent people? Is she making the right decision for her baby?

Does anyone really care about this story?

I'd much rather see Buzz make some headway on his investigation into his dad's and uncle's deaths, but that was back-burnered again.

Instead, there was a convoluted search for a gun that led from a sweet, though scatterbrained, old woman to her loser grandson to Marcus Kemp, who tried to claim that he sold the gun again.

He has friends in jail. Why am I not surprised?


Jesse Harris and his grandma filled this series' need for quirky suspects and crime victims. I wondered if Mrs. Harris suffered from dementia, while her grandson was just off the wall.

If the baby thing is so important to you, stop talking about it or find someone else to have it with.


What's going on with Sykes and Cooper? Their argument about getting married and having children seemed to come out of nowhere. When did they go from merely dating to this serious? 

It didn't seem like the argument was anywhere near over when the case was interrupted. It'll be interesting to see what happens with this.

What did you think of "Tourist Trap"?

Are you curious about the other victims of the crime spree? Do you think this is the end of the latest Sharon Beck storyline?

Weigh in below and don't forget you can always watch Major Crimes online if you missed anything.

Tourist Trap Review

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