NCIS Season 14 Nabs Jennifer Esposito as Series Regular!!!

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The NCIS cast is expanding again!

Jennifer Esposito just landed a series regular role on NCIS Season 14.

Esposito was last a regular in the ABC summer series, Mistresses, to which she did not return this year. 

Jennifer Esposito NCIS

Esposito's character on NCIS will be Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn, an experienced agent who left field work and became an instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Center.

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) will lure her back into the field as part of his team, where he will take advantage of her sharp wit, quick mind and immense talent as a federal agent.

The character will be introduced on NCIS Season 14 Episode 1, the season premiere, on September 20.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Jennifer Esposito joining us for season 14,” said Executive Producer Gary Glasberg.

“She embodies everything that we hoped for in the character of Quinn and we can’t wait to have her come be a part of our team.”

This news does come with an exit, though, as it appears Sarah Clarke's Special Agent Tess Monroe will not be returning for Season 14.

In another bit of good fortune, though, Duane Henry, MI6 Agent Clayton Reeves, will be back as expected, and as another series regular!

Oh the news. The news!!!

In case you have forgotten, the story on Agent Reeves is that he rose above his British blue collar roots to become a successful agent.

He's offbeat and fun with a lot of swagger. He's also burned a lot of bridges.

But Reeves has confidence to back it all up, stands behind his decisions, good and bad, and is determined to do what's right.

These casting announcements come in the wake of Wilmer Valderrama's addition to the upcoming season as a highly volatile, charismatic and mysterious agent.

While Valderrama's character didn't have a name, that almost made his casting all the more interesting.

In case you're keeping count, we lost one heck of an amazing (and original) cast member in Michael Weatherly's Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, but we've already added three new series regulars to the upcoming Season 14.

Did he have big shoes to fill or what?? Do you think there is any more room in those loafers, or will this be enough for you?

If you need to catch up (or just settle in for a little comfort), you can watch NCIS online right here.

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