Power Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Call Me James

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They say this is a big rich town...

Oh how I've missed that line! We are back for another summer of Saturday Sunday night craziness, and I couldn't be more excited for it. And rest assured, Power Season 3 Episode 1 was a solid start to the new season. 

Drama? Check. Murder? Check. Lobos being ridiculous? Check. Sexy times? Triple check. Ah, it's good to be back.

A lot of season premieres stick to a pretty basic formula; reacquaint us with the events from the previous season and set up the premise for the new season. Power sticks to this formula and gets things rolling in an interesting direction. 

With Kanan "dead" and Lobos "dead," Ghost James was finally able to get out of the game. And boy was he living it up! With Angela proudly on his arm and three clubs under his belt, he was just living the dream, wearing Tom Ford suits and getting down with his lady anywhere he could. 

It was REALLY nice to see Angela and James behave like a full-on couple. I've never been shy about rooting for them to make it because it was apparent from the pilot that the chemistry between these two was too hot to handle, so seeing them out and proud in public and struggling with their new morning routine was seriously adorable. 

This may have been one of the first episodes I remember them being so at ease with one another. With neither one of them having anything much to hide at this point, it's allowed them to actually be comfortable. Hell, they're even talking about Angela meeting the kids. That's a HUGE step for them.

But when it comes to these two, I'm just never going to get my hopes all the way up. 

Speaking of getting my hopes up, I prayed that somehow, off screen, Holly would make her permanent exit, but alas, she's still around being annoying and hating on Ghost. What Tommy sees in her, I will never know, although, her sole purpose this season may be keeping Tommy in check because dude is off his rocker!

As much as I love Angela/James, the relationship between Tommy and Ghost has always been what I consider to be the central relationship of the show. Their bond and brotherhood got them to the heights of the drug trade, and let's be honest, Ghost essentially threw it all away for a girl. 

I'm going to send you the product, but Ghost needs to be dead soon. Otherwise, your little family won't be safe.

Lobos [to Tommy]

Last season ended with an ominous message from Lobos about Tommy killing Ghost. Tommy better figure something out soon because Lobos isn't messing around. RIP puppy. Holly is going to be devastated. Side note: did that puppy have a name? 

Anyway, tasked with trying to fill Ghost's shoes, Tommy didn't try to replicate Ghost's suave, under the radar bravado, he instead decided to be loud, brash and violent. So in other words, he decided to be Tommy. 

It's pretty clear this season is setting up to be a Ghost versus Tommy type of thing, and I do believe they will eventually find their way back to one another, but it may take awhile. There is just no way Tommy could ever kill Ghost.

And there's just no way Ghost is going to ever fully stay out of the drug game. If either one of those things were true, then this show would cease to exist. 

And now that Ghost knows that Lobos is still alive (thanks to Angela, who is clearly 100% invested in this relationship), Ghost really has no choice but to insert himself back into things and figure out what's going on. 

Tommy, we need to talk man. It's Ghost.


Well that was short lived. Welcome back, Ghost. 

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Greg is still creeping around unshaven and unkempt, trying to bring Angela down. If Greg makes it out of this season alive, I'll be impressed. 
  • Dre is officially Ghost's number 2 man, but he isn't cut out for life in a nightclub. But now that he knows Ghost was behind all those killings in Power Season 2 Episode 10, their dynamic could be very different going forward. 
  • Tasha maybe doesn't believe Ghost killed Shawn. While he confessed that Kanan killed Shawn, and he then killed Kanan, Tasha didn't seem to all the way buy it. I'm not really sure how Tasha fits into the story going forward, if I'm being honest. She doesn't really have a link to the different storylines right now. However, if Ghost really does get 100% back in the game, then I guess that will be her link? 
  • Lobos is a certified psychopath, but dammit if he isn't hilarious. Now that we know he's working with Sandoval, it'll be interesting to see if Angela is able to put everything together. Angela isn't very good at her job though, so I'm not exactly banking on that happening. 
  • Julio spoke more in this episode than he has the whole series. I am here for it. Oh yes, I am here for it. 
  • Kantos got fired in the most epic fashion. Will he now turn on Ghost and help Greg bring him down? 
  • We all know Kanan didn't burn up in that building, so how many episodes until he shows back up? If I had my way, he would never come back. 
  • What's the deal with the dead waitress that was snooping around in Ghost's office? Perhaps I missed something there and you lovelies will help clue me in to what's going on there. 
  • I'm going to continue to interchange Ghost/James/Jamie in these reviews because he truly is three different people. 

Let's make this season just as fun as last season and talk it all out in the comments. What did you think about "Call Me James"? Will Ghost and Tommy reconcile? What are your predictions for the season?

Don't forget you can watch Power online any time your heart desires. You won't be disappointed. 

Call Me James Review

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Power Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Ghost: Kantos here is the exact opposite of everything I want this place to be. From now on this lying, bullshitting, backstabbing piece of shit isn't welcome on these premises. If you see him here after today, in fact, call security. In fact, I think they're ready for him now.
Kantos: James, you need me! You can't run this place without me.
Ghost: I can and I will. Get him the fuck out of me sight. Loyalty is everything to me. I deserve it and I demand it.

I'm ready to meet them. When you're ready for that. Whenever that is.

Angela [to Ghost]