Preacher Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Sundowner

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Is Jesse really trying to save his town or is he just trying to save himself?

That's the big question on Preacher Season 1 Episode 5 as Jesse wrestles with the idea that the word of God he thinks is inside him isn't really the word of God at all.

Oh, no! - Preacher Season 1 Episode 5

It was another powerful and fun opening sequence for Preacher which included some hilarious dialogue between DeBlanc and Jesse as well as some incredible fighting scenes between the angels. The story is also finally starting to coalesce, at least in the present.

We open exactly where we left off at the end of "South Will Rise Again" at the diner with DeBlanc telling Jesse that he's mistaken in his thinking that God is inside of him.

DeBlanc: What's inside of you isn't God.
Jesse: It isn't God?
DeBlanc: No.
Jesse: What is it then?
DeBlanc: It's a mistake.

Turns out that this "mistake," named Genesis, is the child of a demon and angel union which is strictly forbidden in the upper/lower realms. So forbidden, in fact, there are only a few who know about Genesis. Not even God knows it exists. Apparently.

If Genesis' existence were to be discovered by the other angels and demons, all hell could break loose. If God finds out, who knows what would happen, but it sure wouldn't be good.

At least according to DeBlanc.

All DeBlanc and Fiore want is to take Genesis home and pretend none of this ever happened.

Jesse wants to believe them, but the skeptic in him isn't allowing him to go all in. Not just yet, anyway. It takes a Seraphim to do that.

The minute the blonde woman walked into the diner, it was pretty obvious she was trouble. So, it wasn't surprising that Fiore and DeBlanc went chasing after her when she left.

What was odd was that Jesse was the only one who saw them beating this woman up in the parking lot. And, when Mr. Popular left the diner to help the woman, no one said a word to him. Not, "See ya, Preacher." Nothing.

Then, when they were out there fighting and Jesse realized that this woman was something more and maybe even believing what Fiore and DeBlanc was telling him, with all that fighting, no one in that diner saw anything?

Maybe I missed it. Maybe nobody was in the diner, but still. That was a looooooooonng fight. And when Fiore shot her, nobody heard that? 

And didn't it seem like they took their sweet time getting rid of the body? There was plenty of time for someone to come across that scene. Like, for example, the waitress who picked up DeBlanc's keys off the same table where the Preacher was sitting.

(Wouldn't the waitress have known that he keys were left at the Preacher's table and said that fact when she gave them to the cook? Also what happened to the magic can? Did DeBlanc take it with him when he went after the Seraphim?)

It wasn't like this fight took place in the back alley. It was right in front of the window!! So, how could the waitress NOT SEE what was going on!?

The same could be said for the war that took place at the motel. While it was an epic fight, I found it very hard to believe that someone didn't hear what was going on. I know there is nothing logical or real about Preacher, and I know the fight was pretty awesome, but still. 

The continuing death and rebirth of all the angels was hilarious, but got sort of tiresome at some point.

I loved when Cassidy showed up and acted like the big hero when he shot the woman, but not knowing what an idiot move that was. How did he even know Jesse was there?

After everything that happened, you'd think that Jesse would let DeBlanc sing to him to rid himself of Genesis, but Jesse has become too big for his britches.

He has other ideas about Genesis, and he's not about to give it up just yet. After all, it picked him for a reason, and I think this might be the reason why.

But, I'm not buying his reasoning that he's going to use Genesis to save his town. He may think that's the reason, but he said it himself that if he does right by the town, he can save himself. And, that's all Jesse's ever been about. Himself.

Cassidy thinks Jesse's making a mistake not giving up Genesis. So does Eugene. But, at least Cassidy hasn't suffered the same fate Eugene did after calling Jesse out. Not yet, anyway.

But, who wants to make a bet that Eugene returns in some spectacular way? (I'm just speculating here. Did not read the comics all the way through. Have no idea.)

More speculation: I'm going to guess that since Genesis is the product of both good and evil, it's effects are going to be different on people who are genuinely good or evil. Good things happened to Eugene while bad things happened with Odin.

Jesse isn't aware of any of it right now, and I'm not sure if he'll ever be. He's still too consumed with himself.

Tulip made herself a new friend. I really was waiting for Emily to kick her ass. Or at least try.

I don't think Tulip would have put up much of a fight. She knows she did wrong by storming into Emily's house, and I like that she went back to fix the kid's art project. And, I really like that she was willing to help Emily out with errands.

She can be a good person, just like Jesse told her. But, just like Jesse, it's all about Tulip. Tulip isn't doing any of this because she genuinely wants to help Emily. She wants Jesse, and it's clear she'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Other Thoughts:

  • I loved the scene with Cassidy and Jesse stripped down to their undies and talking while watching their clothes being washed. It was just fun and goofy. (And who wouldn't want to look at a half-naked Dominic Cooper.)
  • I really thought those boys were going to do something bad to Eugene in that tunnel. But, kudos to them for being good hearted, though the possibility of them sticking a firecracker in Eugene's mouth still crossed my mind. Thank you show for not going down that road.
  • How upset would Jesse really be with the Tulip/Cassidy connection?
  • Did Tulip have a child? Was it with Jesse? Or, was she just blowing smoke up Emily's ass?

What did you think of "Sundowner?" Hit the comments and let us know. If you need to catch up, you can watch Preacher online right here via TV Fanatic!

Sundowner Review

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Preacher Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

DeBlanc: What's inside of you isn't God.
Jesse: It isn't God?
DeBlanc: No.
Jesse: What is it then?
DeBlanc: It's a mistake.

Jesse: You mean if I picked up that phone right now I couldn't call heaven?
DeBlanc: No, you couldn't.
Jesse: Why not?
DeBlanc: You need angel hands.