Pretty Little Liars Round Table: A Grave Situation

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The Pretty Little Liars will never be the same again. 

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3, our heroines took Dr. Rollins out of the equation for good, but what will the consequences be?

Below, TV Fanatics Rachel Miller and Jay Ruyman are joined by super fan Meaghan, as they discuss that big death, Toby's engagement and Emily's love life....

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Dr. Rollins is dead. REACT!

Rachel : Good riddance Dr. Rollins! I never understood why anyone in Rosewood thought it was ok for a doctor to be treating their wife anyway. Now that he’s gone, I’m interested in the lie the liars will come up with to cover the fact they accidentally killed him. I also want to know the backstory on how Rollins and Mary met.

Meaghan: I agree with Rachel about him being able to treat Ali. Especially when they had been married for so little time prior to her going in and she had no history of mental illness before now and suddenly she is crazy! I'm glad he is gone, if only because now we can officially rule him out as AD. If only the Liars would be smart and tell the police the truth about what happened. They never will learn.

Jay: I don't think I've ever been this shocked with a plot twist from the show. I didn't see Rollins dying so soon, but I agree, good riddance. It'll be interesting to see how Mary reacts.

What did you think of Toby's engagement?

Rachel: I don’t see it lasting long. The more Toby tries to help the girls out, the more it will eventually push Yvonne away.

Meaghan: Poor Yvonne. She doesn't stand a chance. Especially once Toby's crazy step sister roles into town next week. I couldn't be the only one who squealed with delight when Jenna made an appearance in the promo.

Jay: Yawn. I like Yvonne, but she's just like Jordan, she's too good for these Rosewood train wrecks. Break it off now and run, girl.

Why Is Hanna keeping quiet about her and Jordan being over?

Rachel: Hanna is doing it to protect Spencer. Breaking up with Jordan means Hanna still has some feelings for Caleb after their brief kiss.

Meaghan: Hanna has been through a lot lately and the last thing she needs is everyone hounding her about her break up. She will tell everyone when the time is right, most likely when she trips and falls and lands on Caleb's lips again.

Jay: I think Hanna still has a little hope that her and Jordan will get back together. Would she have ended it if she wasn't experiencing PTSD? 

Should Emily give up on Sabrina?

Rachel: Emily and Sabrina should just be friends for a while and get to know one another.

Meaghan: Can Emily keep it in her pants for two minutes please? I'm sure now that Ali is newly widowed she will be distracted.

Jay: Emily will just ditch Sabrina the moment Alison rings her lesbian bell and calls to her most loyal protector. 

Is there hope for Spencer and Caleb?

Rachel: Nope. Spencer pretty much summed up their future when she said “You like me, but I love you.” Spencer knows Caleb’s love for Hanna still runs deep. The two should’ve never gotten involved in the first place.

Meaghan: Can we please end this poor misguided experiment already. Spencer had a point when she told Hanna that she should've just said that she still has feelings for Caleb but, in Hanna's defense Spencer should've stayed away to begin with and Hanna couldn't say much while she was engaged to someone else. I feel like Spencer forgets that her little rendezvous with Caleb in Spain that started this all was shortly after Haleb's break up. She broke girl code long before Hanna did, even if nothing technically happened back then.

Jay: Not anymore. As soon as Caleb finds out Hanna is single, he's going to pounce. I would like to see Hanna ditch Caleb because he's a tool. The way he treated Spencer, one of her best friends, wasn't cool.

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