Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Will Alison Survive?

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Will the liars become the hunted?

That was a key question on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 2 as they went on different paths to try and find out what Mary is really up to.

TV Fanatics Jay Ruyman, Rachel Miller and super fan Meaghan discuss Mary's true motives, Elliot's demeanor and the relationship status changes. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Was Mary being genuine to the liars?

Jay: I think she was, in her own way. Obviously she's messing with them somehow, but I think she's using the truth to her advantage to throw them off and distract them from the bigger plan.

Rachel: Mary is going to get sympathy from the liars in order to gain their trust. I want to believe she was genuine, but you can’t trust anyone in Rosewood. I think she’s going to continue on with whatever her plans may be.

Meaghan: I didn't think she was, until her conversation with Rollins when she questioned what he is doing to Ali. She doesn't seem as cold hearted as we initially were lead to believe. I do think that the girls do still need to proceed with caution, though. She wants that money and no matter how guilty her actions make her feel she is most likely going to do whatever it takes to get it.

Do you think Elliot should have been nicer to the liars in order to avoid coming across as a maniac?

Jay: I don't think he even cares anymore if they realize who he actually is. What can they do to him? He's a respected doctor in Rosewood.

Rachel: Elliot only wants one thing and that’s revenge for Charlotte’s murder. Like Jay said, he doesn’t even care anymore.  He’s going to make Alison pay for what he thinks she did.

Meaghan: I agree. He doesn't care anymore. He has Ali exactly where he wants her and he doesn't think there is anything the girls can do to stop him at this point. I wouldn't put it past him to straight up tell them what his plan is.

Are you glad that Aria and Hanna ditched their time jump lovers?

Jay: Aria, yes. Bye bye, Liam. Hanna, no. I actually liked the mature aspect of Hanna and Jordan's relationship, and let's face it, Jordan is like a god. He's too good for Hanna and everyone else in Rosewood, and we all saw it coming. I just wanted an excuse to stare at that man every week.

Rachel: I actually liked Aria with Liam and Hanna with Jordan. But we all knew once everyone returned back to Rosewood all those old feelings from the previous relationships would come back.

Meaghan: I never got attached to either so I am happy they are gone. With this being the "final" season the focus needs to be on the core characters and old characters who add more to the storyline than just being a love interest.

What will Spencer do now that she's lost her job?

Jay: Who knows. She might just stick around and help her mother, or help at her mother's law firm now that she's busy being a Senator.

Rachel: Spencer should just pack everything up and leave Rosewood for good. But realistically, she’ll most likely stay around to help her family.

Meaghan: I think we will see a week of drunk Spencer in her pajamas all day eating cereal, then she will dust herself off and go work for her mom. You can't keep a Hastings down forever.

Are you Team Haleb, or Team Spaleb?

Jay: Neither? I hate Caleb, always have, and the way he treated Spencer in the premiere was disgusting. I know that he was concerned for Hanna's life, but he was rude and degrading to Spencer, his girlfriend. And the fact that Hanna and Caleb cheated behind Spencer's back irks me. At least Spencer had the decency to ask Hanna of seeing Caleb was okay, and she gave her blessing, whether she meant it or not.

Rachel: I prefer the old Haleb. I never liked Caleb and Spencer together. Caleb was extremely rude to Spencer and didn’t think twice about sparing her feelings. I also hated the fact that Caleb and Hanna kissed behind Spencer’s back. The whole love triangle was unnecessary to me and should’ve never happened.

Meaghan: There is no world where I'm not Team Haleb. Haleb was always the healthiest relationship on the show before the time jump, minus the leaving her for a ghost thing but I like to pretend Ravenswood never happened. Spencer and him never should've been a thing. The heart of the show is the girls' friendships and realistically none of them would ever date one of the other one's main exes. As hurt as Spencer will be if Haleb gets back together, I'm sure Toby will be there to cushion the fall.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Mary: Are you sure about this?
Hanna: Yes, I’m sure.
Mary: If someone tried to hurt you, the police…
Mary: I have to talk to my friends.

Hanna: Spencer, can I have something stronger than coffee in here?
Spencer: Yeah.

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