Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Hit and Run, Run, Run

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After seven years, the liars have still learned nothing.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 4 finds them making a poor attempt to cover up the murder they've just committed, and they're dead in the water until a professional comes in to help them.

Cover Up - Pretty Little Liars

Hanna: I'm going to jail for... for.....
Aria: Vehicular manslaughter?

Why do the writers hate Hanna Marin?

Since Pretty Little Liars Season 1, she's had it the worst. From being hit with a car to being the only one kidnapped, separated, and tortured. And now murder.

She's lost her fiance, heard the previous love of her life confess his feelings for one of her best friends, and she's been framed for murder countless times, as well as her mother almost convicted.

Give her a break.

But Spencer takes it the worst. Mixed with the emotions from her break up with Caleb, Spencer is falling apart, and she makes some horrible decisions.

Marco: What were you doing tonight?
Spencer: Burying a body.

I feel like the only person in the world who actually enjoys Spencer and Caleb together. They're adult, they're mature, and if the writers hadn't written in that kiss with Hanna, they could've been perfect together.

Yes, it's weird that he dated one of her best friends, but Spencer didn't do anything until Hanna gave her permission. If Hanna wasn't okay with it, she should've spoken up.

Spencer deserves to be happy, they all do, but her family has always treated her like secondhand garbage, and she's always getting other people's sloppy seconds. She just needs to be able to be happy alone, satisfied alone, and stop chasing after men. Let Toby marry Yvonne and quit butting it.

Most surprisingly, the liar who handles this situation the best is Emily. Who would've thought Emily Fields would be the strong, logical one, as Spencer is drinking away her sorrows to the point where she can hardly walk?

No one is going to believe us when we have every reason in the world to want him dead.


Emily's life has been so hard since she returned to Rosewood, and everything keeps piling on. These girls really are back at the beginning, except Alison isn't the center of attention anymore.

Or is she? These girls wouldn't be dealing with Elliot (Archer), Mary Drake, or any of this if they had never met Alison. Is one friend really worth being stalked and tortured three times? Drop her like it's hot.

Jenna's back! With more secrets! It really is like the beginning all over again! What did she do to Toby's father that alienated her from the family?

How do Jenna and Archer know each other, and were they working together? Is Jenna finally part of the A(D)-team?

And finally, Mona Vanderwaal, the professional who helped these girls cover up the murder and the character she should've been for years.

Do you make it a habit of inserting yourself into other peoples' homicides or just ours?


Mona took the car, fixed the windshield, replaced it, helped the girls with an alibi, and helped them clear their tracks and told them about his burner phone.

These girls have learned nothing over these years. Without Mona, they'd already be in jail.

Obviously someone knows about Rollins' murder, possibly Mary Drake, who paid a special visit to Alison after they returned her to promote their story that Rollins skipped town because he's a terrible husband.

This was quite possibly one of the best episodes of the series ever, but when are the so-called answers coming? We know Rollins is A.D., but why did he decide to come after them, and what is his connection to Jenna?

What is his connection to Mary? Why is he part of this story, and what is Mary doing?

I would love to see Mona stick around Rosewood and actually be part of this group that she's tried to befriend for so long.

She was such a good friend to Hanna; helping Hanna deal with murdering someone, with her break up with Jordan, and returning to retrieve Hanna's bracelet from Rollins' car are all signs that she's really changed.

Just like Alison.

When will the girls see that?

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Hit and Run, Run, Run Review

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