Scream Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Jeepers Creepers

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Is Audrey being truthful to Noah about what really happened with Piper?

On Scream Season 2 Episode 6, Audrey finally opened up to Noah after it seemed like he was out to get her. 

My main gripe was how Noah let Emma say that it wasn't Audrey. He should have thrown all the facts her way at the beginning so they were on the same page. 

Don't Mess With Me - Scream

Emma should know better than to rule people out quickly. Doesn't she remember what happened with Piper? 

The scene at the fun fair with Audrey tricking Noah was great. Noah said a lot of things he never would have and it actually made me think that he secretly likes Audrey. 

It all goes back to that kiss a few weeks ago. Audrey didn't want to hear anything about it, but he seemed to think it was great. Could this have been part of his game?

It could be. I do think that Audrey is innocent now. The blame seems to be going Emma's way. The writers are trying to fan the flame that everything is all in Emma's head, or that she is the other killer. 

The whole thing with the emails being sent from her IP address was a little ludicrous. Anyone who has access to her internet could have sent the emails. They police officer was far too quick to point the finger. 

The police in Lakewood sure like to point the finger. There's a lot of evidence to suggest that this could still be in Emma's head. Look at the way she kept thinking crazy things a few weeks ago. 

Emma needs to learn that everyone is a suspect and that she needs to start looking in unlikely places for the answers. It was intriguing that she kept her big fight with the killer a secret. 

Does this mean she thinks there's something wrong with herself, too? It sure seems that way. She is not going to be impressed when she learns that Liam is talking to Miguel about her every move. 

I genuinely thought Kieran and Emma's relationship woes were gone at the beginning of the hour, but it seems like they're telling one another what they want to hear and that's not going to get them anywhere. 

Gustavo continued to be rather creepy. I'm not buying his story about the graphic novel. He could have easily came clean about that. Still, the drawings were pretty disgusting and insensitive. People are dying and the kid seems to think that it's okay to draw people being murdered. 

Miguel certainly has him on the list of suspects. 

Is anyone else starting to ship Gustavo and Brooke? They seemed a little forced at first, but their relationship seems like one that will be developing over the next few weeks. 

Gustavo now officially seems to be part of the core group on the show and I'm quite okay with that. 

Branson getting his comeuppance was great. He deserved it. He seemed to think he was this invincible man, but he was proved wrong. 

"Jeepers Creepers" was an improvement on the last few episodes of Scream. They story finally seems to be going somewhere, but how long will we get answers for? The show is staring to test my patience. 

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What did you think of the latest developments? Was Audrey telling the truth to Noah? Will they stay friends? 

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Note: Scream Season 2 Episode 7 airs Tuesday July 12 on MTV at 10/9C

Jeepers Creepers Review

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