Shameless Season 7: Alicia Coppola Lands Role as Ian's Boss!

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Things are a little different with Shameless Season 7.

Not only is it coming back earlier than normal (yay!), but it's entirely possible it's not all bad news ahead for the Gallaghers. 

Is that even possible?! 

Alicia Coppola Shameless

Helping the family out will be some new faces cast for the upcoming season.

Alicia Coppola has been added to the cast as Sue, a blue-collar, no-nonsense woman, according to Deadline, who is the supervisor of the group of EMTs where Ian is working.

That's right, Ian, who was once hardly the picture of stability and normalcy, is doing really well as an EMT and has a steady relationship.

Coppola was most recently seen on The Young and the Restless falling prey to the schemes of Victor Newman. 

We hope her character, Sue, has better luck with the Gallaghers. Nobody needs to be jerked around by crazy family and then another!!

The new season will pick up a month after the family threw Frank into the river, when he awakens from a coma. He decides to decare war.

He'll have a new friend in New Monica/Dolores a homeless woman Frank hooks up with.

Arden Myrin (Orange is the New Black) will be taking on that role.

Fiona is taking no prisoners as she tackles her new life, and nobody is going to get in the way of her management of Patsy's.

Ruby Modine has joined the cast as Sierra, one of Fiona's waitresses at Patsy's.

Svetlana's family is also expanding, as Pasha Lynchnikoff has joined Shameless as her father, Yvan.

While these recurring roles will certainly make things interesting, they're not the only news coming our way about Season 7.

After all, Debbie is still trying to be a mom and Carl is on his way to becoming a man of his own.

The big question will be whether the Gallaghers can hold their own while Fiona spends a little Me Time trying to focus on her path and spending a little less on theirs.

Shameless returns to Showtime on October 2 at 9/8c. You can watch Shameless online right here to catch up!

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