Teen Wolf Season 6: Cody Christian Returning

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A Pretty Little Liar is staying put in Beacon Hills. 

Yes, Cody Christian is officially returning for Teen Wolf Season 6!

What Theo Wants - Teen Wolf

If you recall, Christian's character, Theo was dragged to hell by his sister at the close of Teen Wolf Season 5. 

It was all a bit out there, but his exit gave the show a jolt of life. 

Teen Wolf Season 5 was not the greatest season of the MTV drama. 

It featured many questionable choices by the writers. 

Theo didn't help matters. It was like his sole purpose was to get between Stiles and Malia. 

He was quite the polarizing character. 

He was really all over the place. One minute it seemed like he was evil, but then he was good. 

Couldn't he make up his damn mind?

Either way, this season of Teen Wolf could very well be the swan song for the series unless the ratings turn around. 

We now know that Dylan O'Brien is returning to the show. 

It was a bit touch and go for a while because we had no idea whether his injuries on the the set of a major motion picture he was filming would prevent his return. 

We're now hearing that Stiles plays a very important role on Season 6. 

We also know that Arden Cho won't be appearing on the show again. 

Will Scott get a new love interest?!

Does anyone care?

Hit the comments!

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