The Flash Season 3: First Look at Kid Flash!!

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There's another Flash in town.


That's right, Wally West gets his speedster powers on The Flash Season 3. We don't need details, because we have photos to prove it.

Kid Flash Running - The Flash

We have absolutely no details about how Kid Flash will appear, only that he does.

On The Flash Season 2, when Barry disappeared in the mini particle accelerator explosion, the Speed Force seemed to wash over both Wally West and Jesse Wells when they were knocked down in the hallway.

But despite daddy Joe's best efforts to find some speed in his son, nothing appeared.

Jesse, however, lit up when The Flash touched her while she was injured. 

It's possible Kid Flash will be the new guy in town because of the fiasco Barry created: Flashpoint. 

When he returns from saving his mother, nothing should be the same. We've been wondering if he'll even be The Flash any longer.

Well, it would sure surprise him to learn his new brother (who wouldn't be his brother in Flashpoint...confusing) was the new Flash in town!

After all, we also know Tom Felton will be arriving on the scene as a new CI. He may be new to us, but what are the odds he's not new to Central City?

Now. Let's talk about Wally's suit, because I'm kind of worried about him.

Powerful Kid Flash - The Flash

If the scenario is that we come upon Kid Flash as a full grown speedster, then we won't have to watch him finding his powers and learning how hard it can be to control them.

That could account for the open dome on his speedster suit. Do you remember Barry running and smashing head first into almost everything because he couldn't control his speed?

An open dome speedster suit would hurt. A lot. I really hope they take the time to chat about how that suit works and protects the very special spot that is Wally's brain!

Are you looking forward to getting to know Wally as Kid Flash? Or is one Flash enough for you? 

If the scenario is that Barry screwed things up so much Kid Flash is the only Flash, will that help ease the transition into bringing two speedsters onto the series full time?

Share your thoughts about all things The Flash in the comments, and if you need to catch up with Barry's colossal mistake, you can watch The Flash online to do it!

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