The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Dog Day

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Safely rescuing their esteemed colleagues who bravely risk their lives to protect their country's freedoms and liberties is just one cherished and vital achievement people strive to accomplish while they're engaged in hostile international battles.

But that triumph is often just as, if not more, satisfying for those heroes as is their ability to completely defeat their callous enemies.

As Tom once again gallantly leads Sasha, Danny, Wolf and the rest of the officers from the Nathan James into adverse foreign territory in Asia during the tense plotline of The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 6, the U.S.'s Chief of Naval Operations grippingly puts his own life in danger.

The captain is so determined to liberate Mike and the other P.O.W. who are being held hostage by the pirates in Asia that he boldly and admirably leads the fight against Takehaya at the villain's home base.

The Chief of Naval Operations' admirable resolve to defend not only his colleagues, but his country as a whole, from such a harrowing international threat as Takehaya stunningly brings the post-apocalyptic series' current third season back to the glory of the drama's first action-fueled season.

The Last Ship powerfully draws back from the increasingly heavy emphasis on America's tumultuous political climate to follow the protagonist powerfully fight back against his country's greatest threats.

While Sasha is understandably hesitant to immediately follow the surprising lead the crew aboard the Nathan James uncovers about where Mike and his team are being held, Tom proves his fierce nature by not being afraid to follow the information.

Tom: It's a message from our people.
Sasha: Or it's a trap. There's a reason why Takehaya's a legend.

Just like his determination to help Dr. Scott develop a cure in The Last Ship Season 1, Tom's take-charge nature shows his seriousness of protecting his colleagues and defeating their enemies.

While the captain is understandably eager to conquer his aggressive foe in the pirates while saving the American P.O.W., Mike is intriguingly still somewhat sympathetic to Takehaya's nervousness over his wife's illness.

The captain still tries to appeal to the pirate's humanity, and encourage him to offer the same kindness to his team.

Takehaya: Let them talk. Soon it will be over.
Mike: It's not over until we're dead.

But when the leader of the pirates ultimately refuses to show his hostages the same sympathy, Mike understandably begins to fully adapt to Tom's way of thinking. He grippingly proves he will do whatever it takes to protect his team from any further harm.

As a result, one of the most satisfying moments of not only the Dog Day episode, but the entire third season of The Last Ship, is when Tom, Sasha, Danny, Wolf and the rest of their crew bravely infiltrate Takehaya's island, without having complete knowledge of where their enemies are located.

When Tom and his team finally locate the hostages, he has an endearing conversation with Mike about the treatment they endured at the hands of the pirates.

When the Chief of Naval Operations learns from the Nathan James' captain that Takehaya was using the Americans for their blood to cure the pirates, Tom fearlessly fights even more abrasively against one of his country's biggest threats.

MIke: A bunch of them have the virus. For some reason, our blood helps them.
Tom: They didn't get the cure?

Now that Mike and the other hostages have been reunited with Tom and the rest of the Nathan James officers, it will be thrilling to see how the crew will all work together moving forward throughout the rest of The Last Ship Season 3.

While the officers of the American navy all rightfully want to protect the freedom of themselves and their fellow citizens in a humane way, their need to defeat their apathetic enemies will surely keep them fighting in stunning sequences of emotional and high-octane action.

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Dog Day Review

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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Tom: It's a message from our people.
Sasha: Or it's a trap. There's a reason why Takehaya's a legend.

When the time is right, we sink that ship.