UnREAL Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Ambush

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That really didn't go down the way I thought it would.

On UnREAL Season 2 Episode 7, Rachel's actions finally had huge consequences, and it resulted in her being put in the hospital. 

Taking a Break - UnREAL

Let's talk about Rachel's reunion with Adam. It was a complete and utter dud. Adam seemed to think he could waltz back into her life and have her back in a New York minute, but people change. 

Rachel: I never loved you, okay? Never.
Adam: You never loved me?
Rachel: I never loved you.

Rachel isn't in the same frame of mind as she was last year. She's moved on. She's also a considerably more unstable. All season long, we've witnessed her downfall, and everything really came to a head for her. 

Adam isn't as great as he makes himself out to be. I can't have been the only one that shipped Radam last year, but a relationship is not what Rachel needs at this stage. 

It's just a shame that it took almost killing the talent on Everlasting to realize it. Everlasting prides itself on making statements about what's going on in the news, but Rachel and Coleman really crossed a line. 

Will they be able to come back from it?

Let's just say they're relationship is probably over for good. There's really no coming back from this. They're both going to remind one another of the events of that night every single time they come into contact. 

Rachel needs to be single when she gets out of the facility. She can't rely on sleeping her way through the set of Everlasting to make her feel better. 

That's if Rachel is allowed to return to the show. There are a lot of people pissed with her right now. She should have known better after what happened with Mary on UnREAL Season 1

That said, it was great that Rachel finally sought the help she needed. Mental health is tough for anyone, but the first step is recognizing that you need help. 

I just don't know how long it will take her to recover. 

Coleman's reign at Everlasting is officially over. He really wasn't as good as his credentials would lead you to believe. On the job, he proved that the best team is Rachel and Quinn, so I'm glad he's done. 

Quinn genuinely seemed concerned when Rachel's mother appeared on set. All Quinn seems concerned about is meddling in Rachel's life. 

It's almost like she wants to control her. They're relationship is far from healthy. I just can't fathom what Quinn was thinking when she brought Adam back. 

Was she really using him to destroy Rachel some more? Does she want the very foundations of Rachel's emotions broken down until there's nothing left, so that she can then make her a minion?

Nothing is out of the question on this show, and with three hours left of the season, we're no doubt going to get further insight before we finish up.

I have to comment on Jay's reaction to the news. He seems so over everyone being used for the show's advantage, and it's not fair. It must be stressful for anyone to have to go to work and witness half the crap that goes down on Everlasting. 

"Ambush" really had it all. It had drama on the set of Everlasting and even off of it. The show seems to be going in a thrilling direction after some weak hours this season, and I can't wait to see where we go from here. I am getting the feeling we're in for a wild ride. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Darius' image is going to be in tatters now. Will he even return to the show to close out the season and pick a lady?
  • Yael is 100 percent a reporter. Her meddling proves it. Either that, or she's writing a tell-all. 
  • Will Everlasting be forced to shut down production if Romeo dies?
  • Quinn and Booth make a cute couple. Way more appealing than Quinn and Chet.

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Ambush Review

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