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Did Ghost make a return to the drug game?

That was a key question on Power Season 3 Episode 1 as he tried to make an honest living away from drugs. 

Meanwhile on this hit drama, Angela had to decide between love and honor, but what did she choose?

Also, Tasha struggled to come to terms with Shawn's death, but who helped her through her tough time?

Finally, Tommy felt compelled to make some crazy moves to get further. 

Use the video above to watch Power online to get up to speed with the latest drama.

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Power Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Ghost: Kantos here is the exact opposite of everything I want this place to be. From now on this lying, bullshitting, backstabbing piece of shit isn't welcome on these premises. If you see him here after today, in fact, call security. In fact, I think they're ready for him now.
Kantos: James, you need me! You can't run this place without me.
Ghost: I can and I will. Get him the fuck out of me sight. Loyalty is everything to me. I deserve it and I demand it.

I'm ready to meet them. When you're ready for that. Whenever that is.

Angela [to Ghost]