Zoo Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Walls of Jericho

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So many zany Zoo moments, so little time!

The antics continued on Zoo Season 2 Episode 4 as the types of animals involved with all of this got more twisted, more people were in danger, and Jackson had his shirt off.

Let's take another stroll through the Zoo!

An Impending Threat - Zoo

Was anybody else worried that Kristen Bell might be watching Zoo tonight?

The first scene was of a rando (that's not a typo...if you're a You're the Worst viewer, you get it) group of guys toodling through the jungles of Costa Rica gunning down a sloth!

Thank goodness it was just a tranq dart, but did you see his teeny little eye, peeping up from the ground? Oh the feels. 

It turns out that sweet sloth had the ability to create earthquakes and became very important to General Davies. Although, frankly, I don't know why.

Why is Davies wasting money hunting down any animals of any sort for reasons other than the ark? Why are they working on anything at all if they already have a gas fully prepped and ready to spray across the world to kill all the animals? Who cares, at that point, if they're killing?

They're going to be killed, according to the most irrational and power hungry General ever, in just a couple days.

Oof. Davies is so embarrassing. When he was leading that crazy cocktail party show and tell, practically pounding his chest over his great spray, he had the most childish graphic accompaniment. I wouldn't have been proud to show a friggin' cartoon to support the tale I was telling.

Maybe that was so that the next day, when he rolled in the live animals for an on-stage presentation of killing animals before an audience, it would look all the better.

Can you imagine the party going south when Davies sprayed the animals on stage and a percentage of the audience fell to their knees and died? While I understand Chloe's decision to wreck that canister she found, it might have made sense to let him go through with the demo.

Still, our team was having a hell of a time trying to do what they do.

We saw not only Jackson's bare chest, but deep down, straight into his DNA, an extra strand of which he shares with the animals. That's gonna hurt if he's sprayed with TX-14. 

What's a little bit confusing now is whether or not the animals have to have their extra strand turned on just to riot amongst themselves and attack people. It was an all out treasure hunt to get the sloth because it could cause the quakes. 

But...wait. I was wondering why just any animal sample wouldn't work, but typing this out helped me answer my own question. When they were all crawling around the perfectly sloth-imploded building, they discovered moles had helped Mr. Sloth escape, and Mitch decided to use one of those moles as a sample.

(Moles are one of the weirdest creatures.)

Eh. The science doesn't matter. It's more the fun stuff, like why Mitch asked Dariela to carry the mole instead of doing it himself (because he was carrying the flashlight?), and then running into a freakin' crocodile two seconds later. 


Seriously, guys, was that a major score or what? Dig, Jackson, dig!!! Then Jackson hit a literal brick wall. The fun just never stops!!

Back to that cocktail party, Jackson and Chloe talking about love and stopping for an extended kiss kind of put the seal onto the danger involved with the outing. Of course Chloe was going to be in peril! It's her turn.

But didn't Alyssa Diaz look like a beautiful badass when Dariela was up against the wall, ready to fire up on the soldiers in the basement? I love when the chicks get in on the action, and they're all dressed up.

I don't know what kept Chloe from reaching the doors, but Dariela had to close them. That was a really great scene. I had forgotten how great of an actress Diaz can be, but she was practically bringing me to tears as she watched Chloe slump to the floor while she screamed, cried and tried to open that door again.

The best news is the bad guys chasing Jamie for the money plot is over. Logan miraculously survived, and it looks like they'll catch up with the others, but not on Zoo Season 2 Episode 5

While they'll know she's in or around Caraquet, she'll be the sacrifice for a bunch of local yocals who probably think feeding the bears makes them happy. But did anyone else notice that when the animals attacked, they steered clear of Jamie? Do you think she might be special in some way?

I guess we will find out when she's on the ground with a big bear straddling her, jaws wide open.

Did you have a favorite part of "The Walls of Jericho"? Are you ready for things to go further off the rails? Is it keeping you entertained? 

Chat about it and watch Zoo online if you want to relive all the hoopla!

The Walls of Jericho Review

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Moles and sloths. It sounds like my dating life after I got divorced.


Dariela: We're gonna crash the party of the guy who just sent men to kill us.
Chloe: Yes.