Days of Our Lives Round Table: What Will Chloe Do About the Baby?

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Chloe was left reeling by the revelation that she’s pregnant with Deimos’ baby... Chad broke the news to Jennifer and JJ that Abigail is presumed dead ... and Aiden ousted Justin to become Salem’s newest District Attorney as Days of Our Lives began its hiatus for NBC’s Olympics coverage.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andyroo from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate what Chloe will do about the baby, if Jennifer is headed for a relapse and did Hope and Rafe hit the sheets too soon?

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What do you think Chloe will do now that she’s pregnant with Deimos baby?

Jack: I think Chloe is going to ask Philip to pretend to be the father of the baby so that she doesn't have to deal with Deimos. All that talk about how Parker turned out not to be his seemed like it was suggesting that.

Andyroo: I definitely think she'll plan to keep the baby, which will surely drive a wedge between her and Nicole. But I'm predicting she'll get caught in the crosshairs of the Deimos/Victor feud and end up losing the baby in an accident.

Christine: I’m with Jack. I think the mention of Philip believing both Claire and Parker were his children was foreshadowing for him pretending to be the father of Chloe’s child. But I’m not sure how far that will go because I don’t think Deimos will be fooled for very long.

Are you a fan of Nicole and Deimos as a couple? 

Jack: I don't like them at all. I want to see Nicole meet someone that she is totally in love with and who is totally in love with her. This feels like settling for someone she doesn't really love because he happens to be there, and after seeing her with Eric and Daniel it just doesn't fit very well.

Andyroo: No, their whole relationship is very creepy to me. I'm honestly not a Deimos fan and would rather Nicole be with someone I like (who is also closer to her age!) She probably needs more time following Daniel's death anyway.

Christine: I hate these two together. Deimos is controlling, obsessive and arrogant. Nicole finally had a decent, normal guy in Daniel. I hate to see her in this completely strange and dysfunctional relationship with Deimos. She deserves so much better. 

Deimos Woos Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Rate Aiden becoming Salem’s newest District Attorney from 1 (awful) to 10 (great twist).

Jack: I'd say about a 5. It can be a great twist if written properly, but the repeated storyline of Aiden being involved with Andre while Rafe is struggling not to get involved in proving that Aiden is evil makes me have my doubts.

Andyroo: Eh, I'll stick to the middle with 5. Depends what the writers do with him now. It definitely keeps him in close proximity to Hope, so there's sure to be drama there. I just don't know if I care about Aiden anymore.

Christine:  A 5 at best. I like the actor but they’ve completely ruined the character of Aiden and I hate that this is happening because he’s in Andre’s back pocket. I’d love to see Aiden redeem himself and move on with someone other than Hope. 

Will Jennifer relapse now that she believes that Abigail is dead?

Jack: God, I hope not! I'd like to see her go to therapy and make some permanent changes. But ushering away ghost-Jack is not a good sign at all.

Andyroo: As bad as it sounds, I kind of hope she does relapse, just so it hurts her in the custody battle. That would probably be all the ammunition Chad needs.

Christine: I hope not. I’d like to see her make amends with Chad and move into the Dimera mansion to help him with Thomas. But if she continues with the stress of this ridiculous custody battle on top of losing her daughter, I think she’s definitely headed for a relapse. 

Hope and Rafe finally made love. Too soon? Not soon enough? What are your thoughts? 

Jack: I found these scenes to be forced and contrived. I'm not a Rafe/Hope fan in the first place but a power outage means they have to have sex? Really? Is this the same woman who waited nearly a year to make love to Aiden for the first time because she wanted to proceed slowly and carefully?

Andyroo: I wouldn't say it's too soon since there has been a romantic undercurrent with them for a long time now. But most of that was running simultaneously with her relationship with Aiden, and Bo coming back, and both of them dying, and now Aiden coming back. I kind of wish they had more time to develop outside of all that drama.

Christine: I am a fan of Hope and Rafe and this felt rushed. Like Andyroo said, they’ve been dancing around one another or a while but they’ve never been focused on just them. Plus, Hope just got out of the hospital after having major surgery! That doesn’t sound like the most romantic timing. 

Rafe and Hope Share a Yogurt - Days of Our Lives

With the show taking time off while NBC airs the Olympics, does this week leave you clamoring for more? 

Jack: Honestly, this week was very disappointing. There was no real excitement or cliffhanger on Friday's show and I certainly am not on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.

Andyroo: Not really, I'm ready for a break. Wasn't the Days-aster aired before the Olympics last time? That was a much bigger cliffhanger, I'm surprised they didn't do something bigger this time around.

Christine: You’d think they would have left us with some big reveal concerning Tate’s kidnapping or Abigail really being alive; instead we got lots grieving, Deimos/Nicole scenes that I wanted to fast forward through, and Aiden becoming DA. None of it has me checking my calendar to see when the show comes back. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives? 

Jack: I thought both Billy Flynn and Casey Moss did an excellent job with their characters' reactions to Abby's "death." I also really liked that Gabi fought off her attacker herself. But the best scenes were Sonny remembering Will and spending time with Ari. I want to see more of that and less of some of the darkness!

Andyroo: I really liked seeing Sonny and Paul talk. I imagine the show will put them together eventually, since there aren't any other options around for them. I also liked seeing JJ and Gabi onscreen. Her scenes with Marlena and Sonny were sweet. And JJ wasn't even in his police uniform this time!

Christine: Chad grieving Abigail was heartbreaking and Jennifer’s conversation with Jack made me ache to have those to back together for real instead of having her always talk to his ghost. 

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