How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Books Two High Profile Guest Stars

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Are you wondering what's going to be happening on your favorite college campus this fall?

Well, so are we.

And we have a wee bit of news to share that might help as you wait.


Esai Morales and Amy Madigan have landed guest starring roles on How to Get Away with Murder Season 3.

And we have absolutely no details about who they will be playing or what they will be doing.

So if you thought ABC and Shonda Rhimes was going to start changing things when it came to HTGAWM, well then you were just wrong.

Madigan is a Shondaland multi-player, however.

She previously did a multi-season arc as Meredith's psychiatrist on Grey's Anatomy.

I have a feeling many of you will be familiar with her from that role. So wouldn't it be fun to see her go polar opposite and be rotten to the core on HTGAWM?

Esai is brand new to the Shondaland family, but is known from his roles on From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series and the Battlestar Galactica spinoff, Caprica.

Morales and Madigan join another newcomer to HTGAWM.

Dexter alum, Luna Velez, is joining the cast as the President of Middleton University.

At least she got a job when she was cast. 

If the scope of the university is going to be widened, Madigan and Morales might be other professors.

Or, they might be victims, flashback memories or even suspects.

You never can tell when it comes to HTGAWM!

How to Get Away with Murder returns to ABC Thursday, September 22 at 10/9c. 

You can watch How to Get Away with Murder online if you need a refresher right here on TV Fanatic.

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