Killjoys Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Full Metal Monk

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It feels like the second season is building toward an explosive finale.

All the puzzle pieces are fitting snugly into place, and I'm officially fearing for the lives of some of our favorite characters. Do you think the writers would kill off someone like Alvis or Pawter? Well, Killjoys Season 2 Episode 8 made it seem like no one's safe.

And who the hells is Aneela anyway? I need more answers, guys.

The opening scene of the episode really set the tone for the entire hour. Sure, there were your typical light "Killjoys" moments, but the series went to some dark places here and I'm afraid things are only going to get worse from this point forward.

Dutch confronting Johnny was gut-wrenching. Even though most of us understand his desire to help Pawter and the folks of Old Town, the lying was a tough pill to swallow.

Tell me when Dutch said, "You're my thing, Johnny" it didn't just break your heart. I mean, I could honestly feel her hurt and disappointment. Like all families, you get the sense that though they screw up from time to time, that bond between loved ones is more important than anything. They'll work it out.

I was surprised that Dutch turned her back on John though, asking Pawter to come to his aid. Guess he deserved that one. Meanwhile, D'av and Turin chased Sixes. "Team Awesomeforce" should be their spinoff show. What a blast that would be, right?

Yeah, the exploding eyeballs bit was super gross, but what a nifty new skill. Sixes beware of the D'avinator!

Turin: What the hells was that?
D'avin: That was new.

Now we know that Six eyeballs do not taste like chicken, Ha! There are just so many great lines on this show. Anyway, D'av in the shower was our shirtless moment of the hour. So, if you're partake in the Killjoys drinking game... drink!

Pawter using her new status to break Johnny out of Spring Hill was impressive. Didn't Jelco give up too quickly? In my review of Killjoys Season 2 Episode 3, I mentioned that Jelco wasn't going to let her get away with that little surgery trick so easily. He's not the baddie I was expecting.

The fact Delle Seyah got involved is definitely not a good sign for our pretty pretty princess. She's way more badass than Jelco.

Johnny's "officially" in love with Pawter now as well and that doesn't help. You know he's sort of the male black widow, as Aaron Ashmore told me in an interview. Yup, I find myself fearing for Pawter's life. Do you think she'll survive the season?

I remember early on, hearing that our Killjoys would be split up this season. That worried me a bit, but as this installment once again proved any combination of characters can pair up and keep things interesting. As long as our core trio remains intact, I'm good.

While Johnny and Pawter worked to uncover the secret of the wall, Dutch, D'av and monkpants visited Arkyn.

I'm honestly a little disappointed we haven't spent more time on Arykn this season. Perhaps the talk of 200 years in the past means we'll get that story, either in the finale or a potential Season 3. It just seems like there's a ton of great material to mine from that, you know?

D'avin and Alvis' chat aboard Lucy was fun. Those two could not be more different, but perhaps D'av will learn some control with Alvis' help.

It didn't surprise me Khlyen had a safehouse on Arkyn, nor that only Dutch could open it. The fact it dropped like an elevator, however, was a total shock.

Interesting that Khlyen arranged that entryway. This tells us he's been working with the scarbacks all along. No? Is he ancient as well? At least a couple hundred years old. I'm surprised we haven't seen more of Khlyen this year. Was that underground lab the first Red 17?

Dutch: D'av, the wall... is that?
D'avin: Same as around Old Town it looks like, or an earlier version.
Dutch: What's it doing down here? This lab predates the Company.
Alvis: Here's a thought, let's ask the monk.
Dutch: Alvis, no.
Alvis: It's okay, I recognize his robes. He's one of the ancients.

So, the hundred year old monk was on Arkyn to fight Aneela, correct? Ancient monkpants sure seemed to recognize Dutch.

I've got so many theories floating in my head now, from twin sisters, to clones and even the possibility Dutch has a split personality. Which one works best for you? I'm so damn curious to find out the direction the writers have chosen for this arc.

Company Carl popping up again was a quick distraction. I admit, it took me a while to remember who he was until he mentioned mummified corpses. Isn't it crazy how many insane things have gone down this season?

Just a quick note to say how cool it was to hear Thom Allison sing. I'm thrilled the creators managed to sneak that little tune in.

Naturally, everyone was already reeling from the effects of the wall. Though I didn't realize exactly what was going on, the fact folks were so euphoric was not a good sign. When Pawter said Johnny made her so happy she could die, that felt strangely foreboding to me.

Aaron Ashmore and Sarah Power (under the influence of the Wall), were terrific in their big scene with Jelco.

It was cool to see Shamier Anderson (Arune) from Syfy's Wynonna Earp guest starring. By the way, if you haven't checked out that show you should. It's fantastic!

Arune: So you say the Company's planning a slaughter?
Pawter: Yes... And that is bad. [laughs]
Arune: Do you think this is funny?
Pawter: No.
Arune: Half my family was assassinated for questioning Delle Seyah and the council. I'm putting myself at risk right now because you promised me proof that she's up to something.
Johnny: You just be cool, okay. We found the vector.
Arune: What is he talking about?
Pawter: Poison. It's in the Company rations.

Sadly, Arune didn't last long at all. The moment Jelco arrived, things took a really nasty turn.

Man, I despise that guy. Which is a testament to Pascal Langdale's phenomenal acting. I'm just hoping the character get's what's coming to him. That will feel glorious, won't it? He's definitely not someone we'll miss and he's got to go.

In the process, Jelco framed Pawter and Johnny for Arune's murder. I loved that John somehow managed to fight the Wall's influence slightly, though he giggled through his speech. What an awful position to be in, realizing what was going on and helpless to do anything about it.

On Arkyn, our heroes questioned the ancient monk. Alvis said the man understood Dutch claiming not to be Aneela and "respectfully disagrees."

Are we dealing with a slpit personality then? If so, does that make Khlyen Dutch's father? There are just so many questions and only two episodes left this season. Man, that finale is going to be jam-packed and I can't wait.

I was surprised the monk chose to die. Surely we could have learned much more from the sole survivor in the scarback stories. Either way, I'm sure more interesting storylines will unravel. First, Dutch and D'av need to get to Old Town and save the others. Why can't we fast forward to the next episode?

What did you think of "Full Metal Monk"? Is Aneela really Khlyen's daughter? What is her connection to Dutch? Did "The Wall's" ultimate purpose surprise you? Your turn guys, hit the comments and share your thoughts below.

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NOTE: Killjoys Season 2 Episode 9 is titled "Johnny Be Good" and airs on August 26.

Full Metal Monk Review

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Killjoys Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Dutch: D'av, the wall... is that?
D'avin: Same as around Old Town it looks like, or an earlier version.
Dutch: What's it doing down here? This lab predates the Company.
Alvis: Here's a thought, let's ask the monk.
Dutch: Alvis, no.
Alvis: It's okay, I recognize his robes. He's one of the ancients.

Turin: What the hells was that?
D'avin: That was new.