Pretty Little Liars: Concluding After Season 7!

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Pretty Little Liars is officially coming to a close on Freeform. 

That much was confirmed today by executive producer, Marlene King in a live Facebook chat. 

She was accompanied by all five liars, who looked pretty okay with the show actually coming to an end. 

Who Will Die? - Pretty Little Liars

Seven seasons is a great run for any show, but it's weird they waited so long to confirm the show is coming to a close. 

If you've been watching Pretty Little Liars Season 7, you'll know the show is in a good place creatively. 

The same can't be said for any of the relationships on the show. They've all been torn into smithereens. 

That's not necessarily a bad thing. High school relationships don't tend to stand the test of time, so having the couples actually go through periods apart is a good thing. 

The central plot throughout the first half of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 has been about the identity of A.D. 

A.D. is the new villain who took over after Charlotte's reign of terror concluded. 

The odd thing about the Charlotte reveal is that it's currently being taken from us. Yes, Noel Kahn appears to be in cahoots with A.D. 

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Poster

He was one of the people who kept the liars captive in the dollhouse. Considering how close he is to Jenna, might she be Mary's other kid?

The DiLaurentis family sure have secrets coming from everywhere. Right?!

"Through brilliant storytelling, compelling characters and social media phenomena, Pretty Little Liars paved the way for television shows, writers and cast to interact and engage with audiences on a national and global scale like never before, which led the series to unparalleled success," said Freeform Exec VP Programming and Development Karey Burke.

"It’s been an honor to work with such a talented cast and crew over the last seven years.

"We are a family, and it will be hard to say goodbye to a show that has made such an impact on young audiences and been a mouthpiece for cultural change." 

"I’m excited for fans to finally have all of their questions answered, and I believe they will be satisfied with the wild ride that is our last ten episodes,” King said.

“I am also thrilled to embark on my next endeavor Famous in Love with Bella Thorne and for PLL fans to get wrapped up in Paige’s rise to stardom and the pitfalls of Hollywood."

The news of the show concluding is hardly surprising. The cast has appeared to be ready to move for quite some time now, but the lack of other hits on Freeform meant the network was reluctant to let go of the show. 

That's why they'll be betting big on King's new TV series, Famously Single. Bella Thorne will star in the new vehicle, which seems somewhat similar to The Beautiful Life, which aired on The CW once upon a time. 

That show wasn't long for this world and was swiftly canceled after just three episodes. 

One of the more grueling things about the final season announcement was the news that Pretty Little Liars won't be returning until April 2017. 

That's three months later than normal and frankly, darned frustrating. Most of the episodes are already filmed, so it sucks to be withholding the end of Pretty Little Liars from us for longer than we can take. The wait. THE WAIT!!! 

What do you think about Pretty Little Liars coming to an end?

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Note: Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 airs Tuesday August 30 on Freeform

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