Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is Grunwald a Ghost?!?

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Did Hanna go too far?

That was a key question after Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 8 in which she went after Noel Kahn. 

Below, TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey, Rachel Miller and Jay Ruymann discuss Grunwald's return, Nicole's fate and Spencer's possible sibling...

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Grunwald's return?

Meaghan: Per the usual all she did was spout of a lot of the usual vague comments. However I think she was more of an omen than anything. I think she was a ghost coming to warn Hanna. She looked in the mirror in Lucas' apartment and only Hanna showed in the reflection. Sure it looked like Noel looked at her before he said "freaks" but I think he was just looking in the direction Hanna was staring wondering what she was looking at.

Rachel: I’ve always liked Grunwald’s creepy essence, but she never gives the girls any valuable information. Like Meaghan said, I think Grunwald returned as a ghost and came to warn Hanna. The warning obviously worked and Hanna decided to take matters into her own hands.

Jay: I hadn't noticed the mirror thing, but if she was a ghost, why was Noel able to see her at the Radley? I wasn't looking forward to the return of the Grunwald, but she was actually interesting, but this new path is not going to end well for Hanna.

Will Ezra return with, or without Nicole?

Meaghan: Before this week I would've definitely said with, but the fact that we still haven't actually seen an alive Nicole yet makes me think she really is dead. It's starting to look like Jason is gonna be more of a threat to Ezria than Nicole.  

Rachel: I don’t think Nicole is alive. The writers just want to give Ezra some closure on what really happened to her.

Jay: I believe she's dead. It's just to cause more drama and hold off the wedding until closer to the end of the series. I'd much rather see Jason give them this drama, but Aria being with others guys has already prolonged the inevitable before, i.e. Liam, Jake, so it's Ezra's turn.

Will Hanna's heroic act come back to bite her?

Meaghan: What is Hanna even doing? Going after A.D. alone? Why? When has this ever been a good idea? I'm starting to worry she might be the one who dies in the summer finale.

Rachel: It’s going to bite her in the butt because she didn’t invite Mona! If anyone knows how to go rogue and track someone down, it’s definitely Mona. When will the girls realize they need Mona’s braininess?

Jay: Remember what happened last time Hanna took things into her own hands? She was branded like cattle and tortured. These girls still haven't realized that the only way out is together and they still make the same mistakes after seven long years.

Does Spencer think the other Drake is part of her family?

Meaghan: Definitely is starting to look that way. Like I've said before in this round table I think she has a twin and the twin might be A.D. Dr. Cochran might have said not mentioned a second child but I still think it could be possible. When she was looking at that album there were 2 girls in a lot of the pictures that looked the exact same age yet Melissa is older by at least 4 years so they definitely wouldn't look the same age when they were that young.

Rachel: There’s been a lot of underlying beef between the DiLaurentis and Hastings family. We all assumed it was because of Jessica and Peter’s affair that resulted in Jason being born, but I think there’s more to the story. When Mary came around, she seemed to remember Spencer and Melissa. I’d like to know how that’s possible if Mary was locked in Radley most of her life.

Jay: I think she might suspect, but I want to say it's unlikely. Having Jason be part of the Hastings was enough. Surprise someone else's family for once. But Spencer isn't stupid, and that scene in Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 1 where a bang-less Spencer held Hanna in her "dream" is the biggest clue, for me, if Spencer were to have a twin.

Do you think A.D could be the same person as the other Drake?

Meaghan: It definitely seems that way. If they aren't the same person then I don't see the point in this other Drake existing.

Rachel: I hope so. If there’s yet another one of Alison’s family members lurking around Rosewood, I’m going to scream.

Jay: Yes. I'm going to stand by my theory that A.D. is for Aria Drake. If they were different people, I'd be upset because we're running out of episodes for true answers.

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