Ray Donovan Season 4 Episode 8 Review: The Texan

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Did anyone seriously expect Marisol to keep quiet?

Marisol finally went public about sleeping with her brother on Ray Donovan Season 4 Episode 8, but were there really any repercussions for Hector?

Not really. It was only a matter of time before Marisol opened her mouth, but I don't understand why the heck she was left to her own devices. 

She constantly vies for Hector's attention, and it just makes their screwed up relationship all the more weird. I know Marisol has serious drug problems, but Hector's the one who keeps going back for more. 

He's obviously getting something out of their relationship, and it makes me think he couldn't really let her go. She's his sister, but he sees her as so much more than that. 

It was particularly odd the paparazzi weren't all over the gym in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the shamed boxer. Maybe the budget just didn't extend far enough to have a crowd of paparazzi there. 

Marisol's live TV revelation sure seemed like she wanted Hector to lose everything, so he only had her, therefore guaranteeing her more attention. 

Ray Donovan 4x08 screen grab 2

She didn't even give a damn about it being a felony to have a sexual relationship with her brother. She knew she couldn't go on much longer having everything in secret. 

The Hector/Marisol story has been the weakest part of Ray Donovan Season 4. Now that it's all out in the open, does it really mean Hector is done?

Not if Terry has anything to do with it.

Having Hector training in the gym has given Terry purpose. After several bouts of nothing going his way, this was the thing that made Terry realize he could accomplish something big. 

He holds the gym dear to his heart, so having someone as big as Hector bringing the publicity helped him get closer to his goal.

Ray's plan involved Lena hacking Stu's computer to catch him in a compromising situation. This didn't involve her waiting around for very long. 

Stu is one of those characters that are always up to no good. It was a great plan on Ray's part, but it was a little far. Having Stu use the glasses to get recordings was hilarious. 

It was as crazy as a mission from Grand Theft Auto. Ray never fails to find a way out of a tricky situation. 

That wasn't the only family drama for Ray. He had to find a way to get through to Conor that he needs to stop rebelling. It was so obvious Larry was going to appear to ruin that scene with the family playing Just Dance. 

You only know shit from 1991.


Everything was just too happy and that's not normal for a gritty series like Ray Donovan. It did take Larry quite a bit of time to actually go to Ray about Conor shooting at his house. 

Any normal person wouldn't have hesitated to call the authorities. Was he maybe scared of what Ray would do for sending the police to his house?

Ray Donovan 4x08 screen grab 1

Taking Conor to the mean streets was a bit much, but that might have been what was needed to get it through to him that his behavior is not normal. 

I'm not going to ask you again, Conor. Where's the fucking gun?


He seems to think the whole world is against him while it really isn't. Hopefully he realizes with Abby having cancer not to take family for granted. 

Let's talk about Teresa's brood. What horrible family would turn on a mentally unstable relative? Teresa's unhealthy bunch, that's who!

Bunchy going all out in order to get her out of the hospital was not the best move, but I have faith she'll get better in her own time. 

"The Texan" was a decent episode of this Showtime drama. Ray Donovan Season 4 started rocky, but the last few episodes have been great. 

What did you think of the the episode? 

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The Texan Review

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