Supergirl Season 2: Calista Flockhart Sticking Around as Cat Grant

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Calista Flockhart WILL be hanging around for Supergirl Season 2.

Unfortunately, Cat Grant might be a quip or two on the light side.

Flockhart has struck a deal to recur with the series after its move to The CW, one that could have required her to uproot her family if she was to remain a series regular.

Calista Flockhart - Supergirl

Flockhart was cast on Supergirl because the series was filming in Los Angeles when it was being produced for CBS.

She has always maintained she wants to remain in the city so she can focus on family. That hasn't changed.

Supergirl, however, has moved networks to The CW, and to keep production costs lower and take the superheroine a little bit closer to her superhero counterparts The Flash, Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, production has relocated to Canada.

The deal is Flockhart will film as much as she can on infrequent trips to Canada, probably filming ahead when possible.

A lot of her scenes during Supergirl Season 1 included a back and forth conversation with Cat Grant behind her desk and others across the room, so hopefully this will prove a successful alternative to relocation.

“Supergirl wouldn’t be Supergirl without the amazing Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant,” said Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.

"We are so excited Calista has agreed to continue on the show when she can. We and the audience love to see her on screen.”

Thankfully, there is a lot to look forward to as the new season gets underway, so her minimized presence might not be noticed.

First of all, Superman will be coming to town, using his real name and title and wearing his famous suit.

Supergirl & Superman!

Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) landed the guest starring role of Kara's super cousin, and the two will get into their philosophical differences on superpowers and a whole lot more.

Chris Wood (The Vampire Diaries) will be arriving on the scene, as well. 

He's playing a super mysterious character, one who arrived in the pod at the end of last season.

As a series regular, we're looking forward to what he'll bring to the table.

Ian Gomez (Cougar Town) will be recurring as Kara's new editor, Snapper Carr and Lynda Carter (TV's original Wonder Woman) will be the President of the United States!

So, there will be a lot going on with new faces before we even get to the exciting plot. 

Are you happy Flockhart will be sticking around as Cat Grant? If you need to catch up, you can watch Supergirl online to do so.

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