Switched at Birth Season 5: Premiere Date Announced!!

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For all of you who have been dying to know what the heck was happening at the end of Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 20, your wait will soon be over!

Creator Lizzy Weiss took to Twitter today with the happy news when she posted the following news about the upcoming ten-episode season:

"I HAVE NEWS! The 5th & final season of #SwitchedatBirth – including our 100th episode – airs Tuesday, January 24th!"

SAB Goodbye Cake

Weiss also posted the lovely photo of the cast and crew with their celebratory cake for the 100th episode.

By the time the series returns, it will be a very long time since we've seen any new episodes, you guys.

The Switched at Birth Season 4 finale was in October 2015. 

The January 2017 premiere date puts the series a full 15 months ahead of its last new installment.

So it's a darn good thing "And Always Searching for Beauty" ended with a ten-month time jump, isn't it?

Yep, somebody was thinking ahead. Did they get the word they wouldn't show up on Freeform for quite some time?

Whatever the issue, it really appears to have worked out well. 

If you recall, after a ten-month time jump, the six week trip Bay and Daphne took to China had turned into months.

They were still in China after all that time!

Bay had gotten a job working in a tattoo parlor (hey, it's art), and Daphne was working with the deaf.

Something, however, had spooked Bay pretty badly, as the cliffhanger left us wondering why she was running to Daphne with potentially terrifying news.

They had to leave for home immediately. Not their apartment, but back to the United States.

So what happened? Who knows? Oh. Lizzy Weiss knows. 

And soon, on January 24, 2017, we'll know, as well! Who is excited for the return of Switched at Birth?

Mark your calendars and watch Switched at Birth online if you need a refresher. We have a premiere date. Whew!

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