The Flash Season 3: Meet Caitlin's Mom!

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Susan Walters is no stranger to The CW, nor is she stranger to playing moms.

Walters has appeared on The Vampire Diaries as Tyler's mom Carol, starred on the The CW's short-lived Star-Crossed and appeared on MTV's Teen Wolf as Lydia's mom, Natalie.

Now she's joining The Flash Season 3 as Caitlin Snow's mom, with the potential to recur.

Snow Walters

Walters will be playing Carla Tannhauser, a world class bioengineer and CEO of a major research company. Of course!

Did we expect Caitlin to fall far from the genetic tree?

Unfortunately, their similarities may stop there.

The relationship is icy at best, with Caitlin considering her mother cold and withholding.

In return, Carla thinks her daughter is rebellious and ungrateful. 

If we're going to choose sides before meeting Carla, I'm going to have to side with Caitlin on this one. How could any mother consider the prim and proper, hardworking woman that is Caitlin Snow to be rebellious? 

Interestingly, the first time Caitlin mentioned her mother was when she and her doppelganger (RIP) were sharing there backgrounds with each other.

They both had similar, cold relationships with their mothers, but Frost also had a brother who had passed away.

Walters has been around for decades, so it will be interesting to see what she can bring to the table. 

In fact, although she's very well known for her recent roles as adults on teen shows, she was once known for a role she didn't play, that of Mulva on Seinfeld.

She did play a role, but it was of Dolores, a name Jerry couldn't remember without trying to rhyme it with a woman's body part.

It's nice that Caitlin's family is expanding, as she is the only one on the Flash team who has been wholly alone except for that team despite going through some hair-raising and life altering situations since joining the team.

Perhaps Caitlin and Carla will find a way to change their relationship going forward. They have great role models in the other families around the lab.

Other cast members brought on board for The Flash Season 3 include Tom Felton as CSI Tech Julian Dorn and the Legion of Doom regulars across all series.

If you need to catch up, you can watch The Flash online right here.

The Flash returns to The CW Oct. 4 at 8/7c!

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