The Fosters Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Justify

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Lena Adams-Foster is at her wits end!

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that in The Fosters Season 4 Episode 6 Lena finally snapped. She's dealing with Mariana's situation with Nick, Brandon living with Courtney, and Stef's frustration over Brandon living with Courtney.

On The Fosters Season 4 episode 5 she found out that her parents were in a financial bind. 

Lena Is Shocked - The Fosters

Lena is known for being the calmer of the Moms. The fact that she internalizes so much means she's prime for being a walking time bomb. Hurricane Lena was in full effect. No one was exempt from her wrath, but honestly it was all warranted. 

He owes the IRS almost $300,000 Lena.


Did anyone else suspect Mr. Adams wasn't being entirely truthful about his financial issues? He held the truth from his wife so it wasn't a stretch that he would hold back from Lena too. The fact that he jeopardized not just his home but Stef and Lena's is beyond disheartening!

Why should The Foster-Adams family have to sell their home because of Mr. Adams' debt?! It's too much and it comes at the risk of her own family too. She has a wife and five kids. Even with Brandon out of the home and Callie potentially going off to college there's still three other kids to think about! 

Brandon, when you continue to justify your actions it's a pretty clear sign that you have lost your sense of right and wrong. I can't even look at you right now.


Speaking of Brandon, as if the stress of dealing with her father wasn't enough, Lena had to deal with Brandon too. It was so cathartic having someone other than Stef really lay into him. Finding out that Brandon took the SATs for someone else and slacked off on his Julliard applications were the last straws for Lena.

She pretty much ordered him to get it together multiples times. It may be sinking in for him that he's in over his head with his relationship with Courtney. Let us all hope. He has too much ahead of him to be bogged down with a woman who can find time to surf but not raise enough money to hire her own attorney. 

The other half of Brallie was not spared from Hurricane Lena's wrath either. Lena's call to action speech to Callie was very much needed. There wasn't a single lie to be told in it. 

Callie does need to focus. She's changed her Senior project three times already. She has the attention span of a goldfish and flits from one thing to the other leaving a trail of incomplete projects in her wake. She was long overdue for someone to call her out on it. 

It may have been harsh coming out of Lena's mouth, but it was the reality check that Callie probably needed. It doesn't appear that she's willing to give up on the case. The discrepancy over Kyle and the killer having different dominant hands is huge.

Hopefully flirty Aaron with the heart-eyes for Callie can do something with the information without her. Who am I kidding? This is Callie we're talking about. She's like a dog with a bone. Callie may very well be the Foster kid to follow in Stef's footsteps. 

Our son has been victimized by a girl who has been toying with his affections.

Mr. Stratos

Mr. Stratos is awful. He didn't give a damn about his son prior to Nick's mental breakdown but now all of a sudden he's genuinely concerned.The nerve of him to blame Mariana for Nick's issues.The kid clearly needs help and being in a psychiatric facility is the best shot at him getting it. 

Unfortunately for Nick, and for Mariana and the Fosters, he was released. A juvenile facility won't be any good for someone like Nick. We saw firsthand the effects that it had on Callie and many of her friends. He's not going to receive the help that he needs. 

Mariana: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, they just added that and...
Jesus: Mistake. I would have never agreed to joining your club if I had known I had to wake up this early.

Is anyone else glad that Jesus joined STEAM? I had no idea they added Arts into the mix. Jesus is tailor made for Robotics club. He has a natural knack for piecing together things and he's hands on. 

Emma didn't seem to agree. She claimed that the reason she was being so snippy was because Jesus broke her heart, but honestly that wasn't a good enough excuse. Emma is smart, athletic, and has the girl power thing down but she's not nice. 

It's not the first time that she's been rude and condescending to Jesus. She has always come across as someone with a superiority complex. Whether she intends to or not she looks down on Jesus for being "the dumb jock" and that's not the type of relationship or friendship that he deserves. 

Jude: Have you ever had pot?
Brandon: Whoa, uh are you wearing a wire or something?

Joah is the cutest relationship they've had on the show in a while. Who knew the preacher's kid would have a bit of a naughty streak? Do people really allow under-aged teenagers to use marijuana for anxiety? 

While I don't endorse or condone teens using it, high Jude was infinitely more enjoyable than high Brandon ever was. Perhaps it was because he willingly took it himself. 

Noah is good for Jude. For a while it seemed like Jude wouldn't get over Connor. The two of them were a nice pair, but Connor's journey of self-discovery and his father not being receptive took a toll on the pair.

Noah is openly gay with a family who appears to accept him. He also doesn't push Jude to label himself or anything else. It was something that caused tension between Connor and Jude. Jude doesn't like labels.

Jude needs someone who can accept that about him and be supportive. Noah also clearly helps Jude loosen up a bit. Jude definitely is a kid who needs to learn how to have fun and live a little. 

One of the funniest scenes of the night was Jude actually going to Brandon for advice. It's been so long since anyone has done that. It felt like the old days when Brandon did his due diligence as the older sibling and voice of reason.

What did you think of "Justify?" Do you think this is the last we'll see of Nick? How will the kids react when they find out that their home might be put up for sale? Who's willing to sign a petition with me so AJ can have more screen-time? He's such an interesting character but so grossly underused.

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Justify Review

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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Mariana: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, they just added that and...
Jesus: Mistake. I would have never agreed to joining your club if I had known I had to wake up this early.

Mariana: I've got a STEAM club meeting this morning.
Mr. Adams: What's that?
Stef: I thought it was STEM?