The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Paradise

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A deadly, worldwide virus naturally spurs tension and unrest between countries who are all struggling to secure a way to prevent their society from collapsing.

But when supposed allies begin to secretly betray each other just to protect their own self interests, the fate of humanity is frighteningly exposed.

The revelations of the deceit government officials, from Chinese President Peng to Alex, the United States Secretary of Foreign Affairs, have taken were extremely satisfying in The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 9.

Those disclosures have helped make the episode one of the best entries in the post-apocalyptic series.

As Tom, Sasha, Wolf and Danny explore the Asian island they believe Peng used to create the missiles that are carrying the anti-cure, it's satisfying to finally see the proof that the Chinese leader really is working to solely protect his country.

The Chief of Naval Operations' intuition that the president was deceiving him was finally justified.

Peng knows you're looking for him.


The former captain of the Nathan James was fully vindicated in his decision to uncover Peng's activities, despite the wariness of Alex and President Oliver.

While the other U.S. leaders want to focus on how to protect America at home, Tom was right to stay true to his belief that the Asian empire poses the biggest threat to their country.

You've left a lot of bodies in your wake, many of them American sailors.

President Oliver

Tom's determination to prove that Peng was trying to capitalize on the resurgence of the virus is meant to protect civilians, but it will also likely cause more unrest with his opponents.

Moving forward, Peng's supporters likely won't allow him to take the credit for helping the world survive again without a fight.

Takehaya is another interesting character whose actions will leave a lasting effect on not only Tom and his crew, but America as a whole.

While he was initially presented as a ruthless pirate, the former Japanese Navy officer has recently become a beneficial ally to the Nathan James.

When he realizes that Peng was responsible for spreading the anti-cure throughout Japan, Takehaya believably has reasons to distance himself from the Asian leader, and instead ally with the U.S.

While Mike and the other P.O.W.s the pirate held hostage have reason to be wary of his motives, an bond later forms between them.

We can fight him together. I owe you that much.


The uncovering of the missile site also paved the way to expose the disarray that's plaguing the American capital. Kara's discovery that the video signals her office is supposed to be receiving from the Nathan James were being sabotaged inside the White House showcased that someone is taking advantage of her good nature.

After Kara's loyalty to her job and America's safety is called into question by Alex, she was finally able to prove her ambition in helping to prove the country's biggest threats.

Kara has become one of the strongest characters throughout the third season, and she deserves the chance to be rewarded for her decisions.

But Kara's determination to not let anyone stand in her way of uncovering the truth may pose a threat to her throughout the rest of the season.

Being so devoted to helping Tom, as well as Danny and the rest of the naval team, may make her a threat to those enemies trying to stop the Nathan James crew.

I'm just as committed to the recovery of the United States now as I was when I first landed in St. Louis with Capt. Chandler.


The slow but steady case that Alex is thriving on President Michener's death, President Oliver's naivety of how America is currently operating,Tom's absence and Kara's vulnerable nature was brought to light during his confrontation with her.

He seems as though he wants to gain control of the government in a sinister way.

Allison also appears to be targeted by Alex's ominous agenda, since she more intimately knew of the late commander-in-chief's work.

The chief of staff's apology to Kara for alienating her since President Michener's death is a vital turning point in exposing the corruption that's ruling the capital.

It will be interesting to see how Tom and Kara, who are the epitome of virtue and honor, defeat their enemies, from the outright callous nature of President Peng, to their more menacing fellow American leaders, throughout the remainder of The Last Ship Season 3.

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Paradise Review

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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You've left a lot of bodies in your wake, many of them American sailors.

President Oliver

We can fight him together. I owe you that much.