The Night Of Season 1 Episode 5 Review: The Season of the Witch

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John/Jack Stone reminds me of the kind of guy you'd read about in series of mystery novels.

His quirks alone would make for entertaining reading, but he's also always gathering new clientele (even if they may not yet realize it). On The Night Of Season 1 Episode 5, Stone was beating the streets for the case and came into contact with all kinds of new prospects to represent. 

You might say he takes too many chances. Then again, it would have been nice if Box had done a little of this work. It really is disheartening the prosecution seems to want ANY case against AN accused instead arresting the person responsible for murdering Andrea.

Piecing It Together - The Night Of

We got to know Stone a lot better. From his penchant for dating his client, even when she's working (something he learned the hard way wasn't the best idea), to his soft heart where the cat is concerned, Stone is a good lawyer and a good person.

Chandra was given a budget by the attorney she works for and set free on Naz's case. Chandra apparently only wanted to work with Stone, because they don't seem to have any other resources. 

They determined Naz lied about having taken no drugs, and that's why what they took the night Andrea was murdered affected him differently than it did her. With the help of a crime scene guy, it looked like someone could have snuck up into Andrea's bedroom and never known Naz was in the kitchen.

It's interesting nobody has focused yet on the lack of blood evidence found on Naz.

The prosecutor did, but only to the point where she was able to get the medical examiner to lie for her on the stand. He wasn't willing to really investigate the evidence, so he promised to say what she wanted to hear, that the cut on Naz's hand could have come from slipping from the handle to the blade while actively stabbing Andrea.

Never mind that it would make a lot more sense to come from breaking the window to get his jacket because wouldn't knife slippage cause more blood evidence overall?

We also learned Box is retiring. This will probably be his last big murder. He did manage to do a little bit of sleuthing, discovering a camera at the point where Naz originally got lost and unwittingly picked up passengers. 

It's disgusting to think he hadn't bothered to look for cameras earlier than that. And, frankly, that they only way the police are going to look for cameras, or will look for the truth, apparently, is at the goading of an attorney. So the police only apprehend a suspect? Everything else is up to the attorneys? 

That is chilling. If there are any detectives reading this, please tell me if I'm understanding the US justice system correctly. I've been watching a lot of Forensic Files lately and haven't paid attention to this. Maybe those detectives have needed more evidence to make an arrest.

In prison, Naz has taken well to being watched by Freddy. He's using it to his best advantage. He not only pushes things to see how much he can do under Freddy's protection, but shaved his head to look more badass. That won't look good in court.

I was starting to get the impression Naz might have been guilty based upon his changing personality. Maybe he lied a lot more than he let on. Then he was tasked with moving 8 balls, and he seemed like a confused little kid again. 

I couldn't believe he thought Stone and Chandra wouldn't notice him doing that. And if they noticed, surely the guards did, too. Thank god Freddy has a lot of pull. How long will Naz remain on his good side?

But Freddy made a good point about Naz. The kid put the guy who burned him into ICU, and Naz was sleeping like a baby. Freddy chalked it up to secrets and rage Naz has pent up inside. 

At least Naz made it clear to his attorneys there was another fellow with Trevor. It's hard to believe Trevor got away with keeping that secret as long as he did. What are the odds a man named Duane Reade with a warrant for assault with a knife didn't have something to do with Andrea's murder?

I think they found their man. Can they make a case and get it to stick? I can't wait to find out.

Let me know what you thought of this hour of The Night Of! Hit the comments.

The Season of the Witch Review

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The Night Of Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Student: Would you defend Hitler?
Stone: In theory, it would be my duty as an officer of the court.
Student: Hitler killed my great grandparents.

Stone's Son: You coulda worn shoes though.
Stone: I'm afraid those days are gone.