UnREAL Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Friendly Fire

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UnREAL really knows how to do a season finale. 

On UnREAL Season 2 Episode 10, Rachel tried her best to make sure Coleman and Yael couldn't take their information about the secrets from Everlasting public.

Might that have been the first time Rachel didn't find a way to manipulate her way to the top? Jeremy's return was a shock. It really was. 

Unexpected Turns - UnREAL

Who would have thought Jeremy would be the one to save the day? After everything he did to Rachel, it's clear where his loyalty lies.

I can't be the only one who guessed there was going to be some sort of car crash in store for Yael and Coleman. The speed they were driving made it even more obvious. 

It would have been an intriguing twist to have had Coleman and Rachel reveal the truth about Everlasting. It would have left things up in the air until next summer, but I guess it was good we got a little closure. 

I can't believe Quinn didn't predict Yael would get her revenge on live TV. How long has Quinn been in the business? As if Yael was going to go quietly. 

She needed to fix her reputation after the incident on UnREAL Season 2 Episode 9. She was practically the laughing stock of America. 

I feel horrible Yael was taken out that way. I would have preferred for her just to drive off into the sunset and be done with Everlasting, but being a reporter, she wanted to have her story out there. 

Coleman was just plain evil. He played Rachel all season long and only cared about who he could manipulate into taking the show down. 

I really don't know what to make of the final scene with Rachel, Jeremy, Quinn and Chet. It mirrored the conclusion to UnREAL Season 1

Does this mean they're all as bad as each other now? There's no taking back what Jeremy did to Rachel, but saving the show meant him killing two of the people involved in it. 

There goes Quinn and Rachel's plan to not kill anyone. I hope this allows the series to draw a line through Everlasting. It would be great to have the same team working on another format. 

UnREAL is the type of show that likes to change things up, so a new reality show would be the best way to go. Everlasting is a toxic environment, and it would suck if someone else was killed off down the line. 

Quinn's idea to tell both Chantal and Tiffany that they were winning the show was a genius way to elevate the drama. It was a bit much. Both of their families were invited onto the show because they were sure they were getting to witness a wedding on live TV. 

Ruby's return was shocking, but it sort of ruined the whole concept of Everlasting. What's the point in competing every single week on the show if someone can return on finale night?

Chantal and Tiffany probably feel pretty short changed right about now. The network is going to have some choice words for Quinn and Rachel when the public reaction comes in. 

It was great that Darius ended up with someone he actually liked, but it would have been much better to do it after the show concluded. Everlasting really has no integrity. 

"Friendly Fire" was a decent episode of this Lifetime drama. Everything fell into place, but it did feel rushed. Can it be next summer yet?

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Friendly Fire Review

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