Zoo Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Sins of the Father

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We almost made it to Jurassic Park, you guys!

If Abe had just kept his mouth shut and gone with the flow, maybe that's where the plane would be heading next. Instead, Zoo Season 2 Episode 9 ended with Jackson fleeing out the cargo bay. 

Where the heck were they? I have no idea, and it seems unlikely Jackson is going to be able to use his amazing new hearing skills that allow him to hear faraway things up close sometimes (he said it, not me) to track down his father.

A Difficult Decision - Zoo

Oh heck, why am I even trying to follow the story for "Sins of the Father"? There was so much to love about this hour of television. Is it even possible to express how much I loved it? Well, let's try with a gif from A Christmas Story...

A Plus Plus Plus

Yes, it really made the grade. As for this review, let's go by characters, shall we?


Sometimes it comes and goes, but I hear things faraway up close.


Seriously, when he said that, my eyes rolled. James Wolk must have done the same when saying the line, because it didn't make a whole lot of sense, and hardly made him sound either a) bionic, b) superhuman, c) like a superhero or d) like a monster. Any of those things would be cool to play. Jackson just ain't one of 'em. Yet.

Then that pack of lions went running by with Elizabeth in pursuit. Jackson had to shoot into the air to make it as dramatic as possible. Did Elizabeth have her hand halfway sliced into Abe's chest?

Could that entire scene have played out any better if we had written it ourselves? I don't think so.

Add to that Abe's sincere breakdown over his role in shooting up Elizabeth and the truth-telling moment with Jackson, who had gone all Mr. Whispers.

Jackson: She was the only family I had left, Abe.
Abe: No, that's not entirely true.
Jackson: If you're referring to yourself, how dare you.
Abe: No, I'm referring to your father.
Jackson: My father is dead.
Abe: Your father is still alive, and he's working with General Davies. [Jackson attacks]

Bravo to the both of them for overplaying their parts to absolute perfection. The sins of the fathers, mothers, guardians and the whole lot. There were all applause worthy.


Dariela was off on her own adventure with a preacher, which felt a lot like a side story on The Walking Dead. 

Dariela even has the cool name of the group. She's the Daryl, you guys! She's taking care of a group, riding a motorcycle. It's all making sense. 

How badass does someone get to not only bodily take on a group of wild, infected horses, but to then race them and lead them on a chase to try to ensure everyone else is safe? 

That was another scene that was so ridiculously out there it felt like B-movie heaven. 

And unless I'm off my rocker (well, I am, but about this topic in particular), Dariela and Abe are going to have a baby. Who's with me?! That's what the doc found in her blood work, right? He didn't find a whacked out DNA strand. You don't do DNA testing in a facility like that.

What else can possibly bring Abe back from the brink of madness? MADNESSSS!!


Oh there is so much to love about how Mitch came to be Mitch.

Mitch: The amazing thing about jellyfish is they eat, poop and procreate all from the same orifice. Kind of like you, Max.
Max [laughs]: If I could do that, I'd never leave the house.

Do you think Max likes EVERY woman, or just every woman Mitch has his eyes set on? It's probably a little bit of both.

After all, Mitch was surprised not to find a raging under-age sex party at Dad's place in Helsinki. Nice house, though. Dad appears to be a catch. And they needed him to talk about the sabertooth tiger. Like this one, below [RAWRRRRRRRR]: 

Sabertooth Tiger Zoo Possibility

Mitch and Max are a lot alike, except for the fact Max is a player. They have the same sharp tongue, love of drink and scientific backgrounds that make them a little more interesting than the average guy.

Jamie never bothered opening up to Mitch, but having Mitch and Max in the same space sure allowed the opportunity for Allison to realize what a mistake she made when she was a young woman. 

Not only did she readily admit it, she's divorced from Max, so there isn't a lot of argument that things didn't work out as she might have expected at one moment in time. 

Whether they're just revisiting what once was or it will become something more remains to be seen. This vindictive viewer chuckled when Jamie caught Mitch and Allison walking down memory lane. Too little too late sweetheart. 

Mitch and Jamie had decided to start over from the beginning anyway. That's exactly nowhere. Mitch had no ties to Jamie and had waited long enough to hear there might have been something between them.


We have four more episodes remaining this season. Jackson looks fine and dandy on Zoo Season 2 Episode 10, so I'm not sure what lizardly features they were speaking of on the preview.

Do they have time to go look for him? If Dariela isn't pregnant and is sporting some sort of new mutation that is recognizable via a simple blood test, either way, they have to stop the Noah Objective. The numbers are all wrong (duh), because the Ghost Gene is mutating or the animals' reaction to people because of it, anyway.

General Davies needs to be put down or stopped, but that will only be done by finding the living, breathing Dr. Robert Oz. Who was being held in a cell by Davies, at last check. 

If they keep up the rate of insanity that has come this far into the season, and on tap for Zoo Season 3 is Jurassic Park, I'm gong to be extremely excited. How about you? FIVE STARS. FIVE FREAKIN' STARS.

If you've missed some of the season so far, don't miss out. Get movin' and watch Zoo online!!

Sins of the Father Review

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Zoo Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

People die. I just don't want to be responsible for it anymore.


Sometimes it comes and goes, but I hear things faraway up close.