Days of Our Lives Round Table: Salem Under Attack!

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Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus caused havoc in Salem as they sought their revenge, Belle asked Shawn to go off to Hong Kong, while Aiden had plans to get Hope to Oregon on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Silvananoir1 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the villainous trio, JJ’s jealousy, and their favorite moments from the week in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What was the most dramatic? Clyde going after Kate, Xander attacking Teresa, or Orpheus stopping the wedding.

Jack: Clyde attacking Kate held my interest the most, so I guess it was the most dramatic. It definitely had the most purpose. I thought Xander's call to Nicole was the creepiest, though!

Silvananoir1: For me it Xander going after Teresa. But that's mostly because of my age. Orpheus was a character from the 80s and I was just born before he left, so yeah, his return didn't mean anything to me. But I loved Xander forcing Teresa to own up to her lie, especially because she had managed to lie to herself so well. She truly had believed that she hadn't done anything wrong, she convinced herself that her version of events was true. I guess it's true what they say, deny until you believe.

Christine: For me it was Clyde going after Kate because she finally called him out on his abuse. It had always bothered me that she wrote Jordan’s claims of abuse so easily. It’s about time Kate really saw the light where Clyde is concerned. 

Terrorizing Kate - Days of Our Lives

Was JJ right to be upset that Gabi is working for Chad and Dimera Enterprises?

Jack: Absolutely, though not because Chad is a Dimera. He walked in on Gabi looking like she was getting ready to kiss Chad. He'd have to be insane not to be worried about that given her recent behavior towards him.

Silvananoir1: JJ, like Jennifer is still in the anger/grief phase of mourning. It's easier to deflect blame onto Chad for Abby's 'death', than accept that it was a tragedy and multiple people, including Abby herself were responsible for what happened. Now seeing the woman he's in love with so close to the man that he blames for his sister's death must be enraging. Especially with how close they were. However, it might be that jealousy is mixed in. JJ see's a spark of something in that moment. But I don't think he should have been that upset by it.

Christine: I thought there was, at worst, some mild flirting between Gabi and Chad. JJ blew it completely out of proportion. JJ’s track record lately has been pretty poor. He took off to the Gulf without talking to Gabi, never called, and then emotionally shut her out. Now she gets this amazing job and he tells her she should quit. I get that he’s grieving but at this point, Gabi’s got the right to be ticked off.

Belle and Shawn are off to Hong Kong. Will you miss them?

Jack: Yes. I was first starting to like this couple again and they're gone.

Silvananoir1: Yes. We want to see the adventures of the Last Blast Teens all grown up. Phloe/Shelle, even Meems (though I hated her). I was just hitting my teens when I started watching Days and I loved Chloe so much. I followed the Teens storyline more closely than any other on that show. I just feel as though Shelle was a bit wasted, and only as they were leaving did the writers realize their potential. 

Christine: I felt this whole story was mishandled since they came back to town. Couple that with the fact that Belle and Shawn were never one of my favorite couples, I don’t think I’ll miss them. I was more interested in seeing Belle work for Dimera Enterprises than anything else. 

Shawn and Belle Leave for Hong Kong - Days of Our Lives

Aiden told Chase he believes that Hope will be joining them in Oregon. How do you think he plans to make that happen?

Jack: I really hope they're not doing some stupid Aiden blackmailing Hope plot, but I have a feeling that's where this is headed. 

Silvananoir1: Blackmail. He needs to isolate Hope, at this point Ciara is still in the rage phase of dealing with her issues. So a path through her to Hope is out. All he can do now is find some kind of proof that links Hope to Stefano's murder. Than he'll have evidence of the cover-up. By hanging both Rafe and Roman's freedom and reputations over her head, he can have her.

Christine: Yeah, blackmail is the only way this happens. He’ll either figure out she murdered Stefano or threaten Rafe and/or Roman’s freedom t make her go with him. It’s a horrible plot line. I just wish they’d write Aiden out and be done with it already. 

Who wins your vote for most annoying teen of the week?

Jack: It's a toss up between Joey and Claire, and that's sad because sometimes I actually like Claire.

Silvananoir1: Ciara. It's a sad day when a child can act circles around you, but that little girl that played Ciara was so much better than this actress. She's so incredibly wooden and Days has had amazing young teen actors before. Even when she's not being annoying, she's annoying.

Christine: This is so difficult! I agree with what everyone said above, especially about the child Ciara being more watchable than the teen version, but Claire won for most annoying this week. She didn’t care that her parents had paid for her college classes. She complained about everything, and mass murderers stalking her family and friends didn’t get much more than an eye roll out of her. It made me wish she’d gone off to Hong Kong with her parents. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: I don't like that they are destroying Aiden's character again. He was so strong and likable when going against that psychiatrist at the head of Shady Hills. Why couldn't they keep it that way?

Silvananoir1: I would like this baby drama wrapped up. It just seemed like all the other annoying storylines ended. Barring that I was disappointed with the teens. Everything else was clicking for me, and then they were on screen and I tapped out.

Christine: Oh, the teens were simply horrible. They all waffle between being whiny and just plain boring. Every time they are on screen I want to tune out. 

Steve Moves Back Home - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on Days of Our Lives this week?

Jack: I cracked up at Steve saying it was impossible that Orpheus was alive. But I really loved Kate's confrontation with Clyde. Finally Kate seems to have got her brains back -- and her human side!

Silvananoir1: I loved all of Friday's episode. The ending especially was so good. The song choice was very Sons of Anarchy. The tension that filled the air, the worry on people's faces and they locked themselves away, curled up against loved ones. But especially Steve at the end, loading his gun. It was just so good and fresh. It made me really excited for the future for the first time in a long time.

Christine: Steve and Kayla acting like Steve and Kayla again. The last few months they’ve been acting like characters I didn’t recognize. Actually, most of Salem was in fine form this week and it was good to see. 

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