Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Deimos Be the Daddy?

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Philip and Chloe scrambled to hide the paternity of her baby from Deimos, the Kiriakis men gathered under one roof in order to protect their own, while Joey was kidnapped while Salem was under siege this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Hinton are joined by Trey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Deimos should know he’s the daddy, Gabi’s romantic prospects, and who had the best quote of the week in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Does Deimos have the right to know he’s the father of Chloe’s baby?

Jack: Once the baby is born, Deimos has the right to know he's its father, but he doesn't have the right to a pre-birth paternity test any more than he would have the right to order Chloe to have an abortion. 

Trey: Absolutely! Chloe should never have slept with a dangerous man without protection if she didn't want to risk him being a father. I hate they make her so irresponsible.

Christine: Chloe may not like Deimos, but he does have the right to know she’s having his child. Even though I’m not a big fan of his, I’m kind of rooting for Deimos to find out. 

Philip and Chloe Hatch a Plot - Days of Our Lives

Joey was kidnapped? Do you want him back?

Jack: I don't wish harm on anyone, including fictional characters, but if Joey was rescued and sent to a hospital off screen forever, I wouldn't miss him. No matter how much Orpheus calls him Patch Junior he bears no resemblance to his parents at all and is just too weak and stupid for my liking.

Trey: I like Joey. I just wish the writers would make him less bratty or pick a personality. He's definitely a confused kid but he has potential.

Christine: I tend to want to fast forward through scenes with Joey. Of course I could say that about Ciara and Claire too. I certainly don’t want to have to endure the heartbreak of Steve and Kayla losing a child. That said, if Joey decided to go to college elsewhere after this, I wouldn’t miss him at all. 

Who would you rather see Gabi paired with romantically, JJ or Chad?

Jack: Neither. I can't stand the way she's treating JJ and Chad is just a convenient way for her to punish JJ for the sin of not allowing her to control him. She needs to get back to acting like an adult before she's with anyone.

Trey: Gabi and JJ are cute. Chad needs to grieve Abby before he can move on. Maybe some time will allow Chad/Gabi?

Christine: I used to hate Gabi but since she’s been back, I’m really enjoying her. She and JJ were just too rushed for me to feel invested in their relationship. I’m really enjoying the friendship and mild flirting she has with Chad but the timing is way off for him. And if Abby pops up in Salem again, where would that leave Gabi? I’m not sure either man is really right for her right now. 

Who had the best line of the week?

Jack: Philip had a number of great lines about paternity switches, but I have to admit the best line of the week was Victor's assessment of Roman's abilities. Victor: Now they could be staying at the Salem Inn ordering room service and Roman Brady still couldn’t find them.

Trey: Victor: “Philip, Brady, Daniel. Thank God Sonny’s gay.”  Chloe has pretty much seduced most of the Kiriakis men!

Christine: Since you two picked my top two favorites, I’ll go with Philip’s remark about Salem. “It is the paternity test switching capital of the world.” At least the show can make fun of itself for using this lame plot twist yet again. 

JJ Finds Claire - Days of Our Lives

What if anything disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: They had a golden opportunity for JJ and Claire to talk about/perform music together and instead they had JJ take a nap and then have no reaction to Claire's desire to be a musician. The writers want us to forget that JJ was so passionate about guitar that Jen knew something was wrong because when he was on drugs he wasn't playing, and it's ridiculous. Also, Rafe needs to put finding the escapees above telling Aiden off and should be using his FBI contacts, which has not yet been mentioned.

Christine: Claire was such a spoiled, immature, brat this week. Other than Theo, all of Salem’s teenagers make me groan whenever they’re on the screen. 

What was your favorite scene or storyline?

Jack: I loved the Kiriakis men's powwow in the living room, especially Brady (!) telling them all to stick together and Sonny's declaration that he was not going to hide from the man whose son killed his husband.

Christine: Chad and Gabi locked in the panic room. It was classic soap fun complete with them having to take their shirts off because of the heat. But the twist I liked the best was that it never turned romantic. They spoke to one another as good friends the entire time and I really enjoyed their conversation. 

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