Days of Our Lives: What About the Children?

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Days of Our Lives really seemed to center around the children this week.

This was odd for a soap, where babies and young children generally are featured just to look cute while older people carry the show.

However, it led to quite a few interesting storylines as there continued to be fallout from Tate's kidnapping, the custody battle over Thomas entered new territory and Chloe and Philip attempted to convince others that he was the father of her unborn child.

Chloe and Philip Plan For the Future - Days of Our Lives

Philip and Chloe's plan is, of course, doomed to failure. If anyone knows this, it's Nicole, who already tried that and got herself into major trouble several years ago when Rafe and Daniel helped her hide her pregnancy from EJ.

It was nice that Chloe mentioned that, though Nicole's attitude that that was all in the past and no longer understandable was ridiculous. Nicole was trying to protect her unborn baby just as Chloe is now, and she should be more understanding. Besides, this should make her miss Daniel more since he was so involved with that.

Obviously you’re seeing what you want to see, because you’ve fallen in love with him.


Chloe is right that Nicole is suddenly infatuated with Deimos and seeing what she wants to. Nicole's refrain of "he's changed" sounds like it was taken from the Sami Brady playbook, as Sami said that every other second about EJ towards the end.

Nicole deserves a better guy than Deimos, one who would actually love her despite her flaws and not try to change her. First we had several years of Eric trying to turn her into a saint as a condition of loving her; now Deimos wants to turn her into the devil for the same reason.

That guy, of course, is not Dario and the sooner he's kicked out of her orbit, the better. He is becoming quite the stalker, showing up to warn Deimos off and then begging him for a job when that doesn't work. 

Even if Dario wasn't exhibiting extremely inappropriate behavior, there's still the fact that a thug is running around town attacking Gabi whenever he sees her, all because Dario got involved with him. I can't wait for this to come out and hope Dario gets his comeuppance. 

Honey, you look fine. After everything you’ve been through, you’re skin and bones.


Theresa tried to put the pieces of her life back together after getting her son back and moved on with her wedding plans. It was great to see Anne and for the two women to reminisce about how far they'd come since the days when they used to cause trouble together.

Anne may have still been her sarcastic self, but she definitely has also softened and become more likeable now that she's mainly Theresa's friend instead of her partner in playing ridiculous and immature pranks on Jennifer.

Speaking of Jennifer, this custody storyline continues to be ridiculous. Chad seems to have suddenly decided to give up custody of Thomas because it suits the plot rather than because there's any real reason for him to believe the boy would be better off with someone else.

Similarly, Jennifer seems to have randomly given up the idea that Chad is no good because he is a Dimera (thankfully), and now realizes she is in no position to take care of Thomas. So since there's been a truce, how about she spends some time at the Dimera mansion helping with the baby instead of suggesting Lucas and Adrienne take him?

It really feels like Jennifer put all of her family members' names in a hat to come up with this idea. There's no real logic behind it. Lucas may be Jen's half brother, but he barely interacted with Abigail while she was in Salem, and Doug and Julie are staying with Jennifer.

So wouldn't it make far more sense for her to at least approach them about custody first if she and Chad both want to give up?

And if not, how about asking Sonny what he thinks? He's Chad's best friend and he's got experience with being a single dad from when he used to raise Ari on his own. Lucas and Adrienne could then help without being thrust into a parental role that makes little sense for them.

Chad certainly seemed like he was on his way to an affair with Belle. I'm glad it doesn't appear to be going that way after all. However, Belle does not seem to be spending much time with Shawn. She's either helping Chad out or fantasizing about Philip, who is far better suited to Chloe.

The Kate Roberts tour of Salem. That would be one scary bus ride.


Kate bought the B&B from Doug and Julie and promptly threw the tenants out that she promised the Williams she wouldn't. I'm not sure what the point of that was as nothing came from it and now she's busy bothering Philip about how Chloe is not good for him. Philip is getting some funny lines out of this, but it seems like a lot of build-up to nothing so far.

Victor: Well you’re not the DA anymore.
Justin: So now I have the pleasure of making him look like an idiot in front of a jury.

It would be nice if the show would remember that Justin and Aiden were originally friends and that Justin referred JJ to Aiden when he couldn't take his case. They're written as if they were always and will always be enemies now, and it would be far more interesting if they were both conflicted because of their former friendship.

Aiden as DA should be a good storyline, though. I'm hoping Hope and Rafe will get some of what they deserve for their major cover-up of Stefano's death as a result. Hope had no right to confront Aiden about becoming DA and is making herself look pathetic. 

Justin is also acting as Victor's lawyer. This storyline is a great vehicle for Justin and Sonny.

Brady is being stubborn and gullible as usual. The presence of a pill on the floor doesn't prove Victor owned or is aware of the pill's existence. Also, nobody seems concerned that Tate was playing near the pill and might have put it in his mouth.

Finally, Sonny and Gabi discussed how hard losing Abigail is for JJ and Jennifer mentioned that she still has her son, but he appears to be missing in action. Once again the show seems determined to deny him the right to any grief scenes despite the fact that they have an extremely talented actor playing him.

If Casey Moss was not available when these scenes were shot, they could have at least written JJ out in a way that makes sense instead of just shoving him off screen.

What did you think of this week's  Days of our Lives? Who do you think is behind Tate's kidnapping? Does the custody storyline make any sense to anybody?

Weigh in below and don't forget to check back on Sunday for the Days of Our Lives Round Table discussion.


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