Dynasty Reboot in the Works at The CW

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Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the duo behind Gossip Girl, are planning their comeback at The CW.

Their vehicle? The 1980s powerhouse Dynasty.

They've teamed with Dynasty creators Esther Shapior and Richard Shapiro, and Revenge writer-producer Sallie Patrick to bring it all together.

Dynasty Trio

If you're in unfamiliar territory here, Dynasty is an iconic series that ruled the airwaves in the '80s alongside Dallas. 

It is the story of the Carringtons and the Colbys, two warring families neck deep in the Denver oil business. 

At the heart of the story is Krystle, a secretary who is marrying her boss, the man of her dreams, oil magnate Blake Carrington. When she moves into the mansion before the wedding, she is welcomed by Blake's son, but not by his beloved daughter, Fallon.

The reboot would focus on a version of Krystle, this one Cristal, a Hispanic secretary also wedding her Blake and at odds with his daughter Fallon. The show wwould follow the families as they fight for control over their fortune and their children.

The original series was shared mainly from the perspective of Blake, but the reboot would be told through the lens of the two women, Cristal and Fallon. 

I remembered very little about Dynasty, although I was around when it aired. The first eight of nine seasons are available for free on Amazon Prime. I power watched them last spring.

There were a lot of surprising stories being told on Dynasty, including that of Blake's son, who was gay and not accepted by his father. The language and plots were shocking to watch in contrast to what airs today

It seems that, if given the opportunity, all of the parties today might be up for making more groundbreaking and controversial television today.

Watching the original is sometimes difficult, especially from my feminine perspective, as Blake Carrington was a man's man. 

While I was initially against the idea of a reboot in general (My childhood! The series I just watched is so fresh!), the thought of taking these characters and spinning them on their heads for a completely different take has its appeal.

Mostly if it's to shake up Blake Carrington. 

Are you interested in seeing a new soap from the same people who brought you Gossip Girl (as if I need to ask)? Do you think there is a place for a reboot of a classic, or was Dallas enough?

If you saw the original, does this new version appeal to you, or would you sit this one out? 

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