Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Pillar of Salt

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The Rosiarito Beach Hotel is back in business.

On Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12, the two groups within the hotel finally came together and worked on adjusting to their new lives.

Thanks to the clearing of the infected on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11, the group was able to access the generator and restore power to the hotel. This also provided everyone with many other amenities, including an ice machine!

There's nothing quite like a nice, cold drink on those hot, post-apocalyptic days.

Looking Around - Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12

I did gasp when Strand was stabbed by Ilene. It was sudden, unexpected, and a nice change for this show to genuinely surprise me. I wish it would do that more often.

At the same time, I never felt Strand's life was actually at stake during the hour. His character has grown by leaps and bounds through the second half of the season, and there is much more to explore with this character.

For Strand to go out by being shanked by the crazed mother of the bride would have been ridiculous.

At first, I though the knife was intended for Elana, since it was her that Ilene originally had the grudge with for locking her family in the ballroom on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10. I was thinking maybe Ilene didn't realize it was Strand and just expected it to be Elana who opened the door.

While it would have made sense for Ilene to want to kill Elana, would anyone have actually given a hoot if Elana's life was on the line?

That said, I am still waiting for this show to really raise its stakes and be willing to lose a main character...or any character for that matter. I dare you Fear the Walking Dead.

I double dare you.

I triple dog dare you to kill off someone even semi important.

Fear the Moving Dead - Fear the Walking Dead

Something that the The Walking Dead does right 90 percent of the time is instill the viewers with the feeling that at any given moment, in any situation, anyone's number can be up. I have yet to feel this way with Fear the Walking Dead. Sometimes it seems as if the writers have something lined up in their sights for something big, but in the end are just too afraid to pull the trigger.

I will say this though, something is coming.

It's obvious, being that we're closing in on the season finale and the show has been introducing new characters left and right over the last few episodes. So, look for a lot of bloodshed in the near future.

Since I still don't believe the writers have the marbles to kill off a major player, they will most definitely use these filler characters for the sole purpose of appeasing viewers who want to see someone ripped to shreds.

It was no surprise the warehouse that housed the medicine Strand needed, also happened to be the same place run by Marco that Nick and Luciana visited back on Fear the Walking Dead season 2 Episode 9.

Turns out, it's the one stop shop for all of your post-apocalyptic needs!

I'm not entirely sure how Elana was able to hear the conversation between Marco and Francisco. It was a difficult situation for Francisco, as you could see he wanted to tell Madison something, but he also didn't want to reveal anything to Marco. 

At least Madison was able to get some info on Nick.

Hey Nick - Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12

We now know that Travis is not far away either, since he saw Madison's signal which was actually intended for Nick.

I didn't see Chris with him, did you? Travis may have had to make a tough decision, given the outcome of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 episode 10

At the colonia, it appears Alejandro is losing his people's faith and trust. I admire Nick's determination to protect his new home, but going behind both Alejandro and Luciana was a gutsy move. However, it doesn't look like any of that matters now that Marco and his men have discovered the location of the colonia.

Alejandro, his people and their way of life is about to be put in jeopardy. Will Alejandro be able to actually be a leader for his community, or will he cower in the presence of the impending threat with nowhere to run?

My money is on Nick being the one to step up to Marco, since he had done so before on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9.

It was also revealed during the hour that Ofelia is alive and that it was her who took Strand's truck and fled the hotel. Ofelia was literally at a fork in the road in her life. A few flashbacks of her fiance and her mother were enough to convince her to choose to leave Mexico and head back to the states.

I'm not really sure what to make of Ofelia right now being her departure from the hotel was so sudden. I'm open to see where her story goes, but at the same time, I'm not invested in her character. I'm more concerned with her father, as I am still convinced that Daniel Salazar is alive.

It was an entertaining hour of television, but this show really needs to step it up a notch and make a bold move as we inch closer towards the season finale.

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments below!

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Fear the Walking Dead returns with a new episode on Sunday, September 25th on AMC at 9/8C.

Pillar of Salt Review

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