Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Alex In Handcuffs!

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No matter how many years pass, the doctors in Seattle continue to bring the drama!

On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 1, we watched the fallout from Alex's brutal beating of Andrew. He may have turned himself into the police, but is it too late for our beloved doc to salvage his career and relationship?

Join TV Fanatics Jenn, Jasmine, and Elizabeth as they discuss what possible consequences Alex faces going forward. They also delve into Meredith's confounding decision-making, and whether they give a yay or nay to April and Jackson's baby name reveal. 

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Do you think Alex handled the fallout from beating up Andrew as best he could?

Jenn: I think he did handle it the best he could. Everyone online called him a monster, but let's be real. He thought his girlfriend was being raped and the dresser did most of the damage to Andrew. Yes Alex could have thought before he reacted but I don't think he is a monster. I knew he would eventually come clean so I think he handled it well. He didn't run which the old Alex might have done.

Jasmine: By the end, yes. It was touch and go for a bit there. I love Alex. I don't think he is a monster. That's harsh. But I can't downplay what he did either. His behavior was appalling. I'm still not convinced he thought Andrew was sexual assaulting Jo. I think it made him feel better to say that rather than he was jealous. He took responsibility though, so good on him.

Elizabeth: I guess so. He got him to the hospital, but he probably should have turned himself in sooner. I'm also not convinced he really thought Jo was being raped. He reacted horribly, and that's the last thing she needed to see after we learned about her ex. But, Alex has grown a lot as Meredith pointed out. He's not a monster.

What consequences do you think Alex should face, if any?

Jenn: I think Alex will be suspended. I really hope nothing else happens. But I think the court will see he thought he was in a desperate situation. He might even have to pay Andrew some money. But I don't think anything crazy will happen to him.

Jasmine: Tough call. My expectations are different in reality than in fiction, especially this show which requires some suspension of belief at times. For the sake of the show I'm thinking a suspension from the hospital and probation if he pleads down and pays, including punitive damages.

Elizabeth: I agree with a suspension. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if someone convinces Andrew not to press charges. Criminal charges could lead to him losing his license, and I don't see that happening.

Do you think Alex and Jo can move past this horrific incident, or is their relationship doomed?

Jenn: Not sure if Alex and Jo will make it. Not just because of the incident but because she lied about who she is. There was a time when Alex would have understood and have been by her side, but not now. In some ways I like them together and in others I just want him to find someone else.

Jasmine: Personally, their relationship was always doomed. I'm not a big fan of them as a couple. I find it to be on the toxic side. But maybe they will. Alex is a black Knight and always will be, so I can see them trying to work things out.

Elizabeth: I don't know how they will survive this. She lied and he still doesn't know the whole story, and I think that violent outburst will remind her of her ex. I won't be shocked if they work it out, but it would make more sense for them to move on.

Was Meredith right to not tell Maggie the truth about both Andrew and Nathan?

Jenn: I think Meredith was right not to tell the truth about Andrew. Mer and Alex go way way back. I understand that Maggie is her sister, but Alex is basically her brother. She was just trying to find out all the details before she went to Bailey. I think she knew Alex would eventually tell the truth. I do think she should have told Maggie about Nathan. Especially when Maggie flat out said don't lie to me again. That was her moment to tell her. It going to blow up in her face I'm sure.

Jasmine: No on both. I love the sibling relationship between Alex and Meredith. I love it to death, but Maggie is her sister and Mer has a bad habit of prioritizing certain people over others when she doesn't have to. She did it with Lexie and regretted it. She's done it with Amelia and regretted some of it. Enough already.

Her bonds with some don't have to come at the expense of others. Maggie and Alex were pretty close as well. Like siblings. Maggie deserved something more than Mer was giving her. It's possible to be loyal to them both. And this entire Nathan situation is making me cringe. Maggie is going to end up hurt and humiliated. Mer needs to woman up and be honest while it's early.

Elizabeth: She definitely should have told her about Nathan. She's going to find out eventually and be really hurt she didn't tell her. Alex's secret wasn't really hers to tell. Telling Maggie or anyone else before going to Bailey would have been unprofessional.

April and Jackson named their daughter Harriet. Thoughts?

Jenn: I mean a name is a name. I don't understand it or get it, but it's their kid so whatever. I would have liked Avery for a first name if she hadn't used it as last name. Maybe even Sloan as a middle name because he meant so much to Avery.

Jasmine: Oh! I like both Avery and Sloan. Even if they found a way to name the baby after Ben since he delivered her and all that would have been cool. No offense to any Harriets out there but it wasn't my thing.

Elizabeth: I'm actually okay with an original name for a kid on this show. Harriet isn't my first pick for a kid's name, but old-fashioned is in. I think Harry as a girl's nickname is cute.

Since it's the season premiere, what do you hope to see going forward?

Jenn: I want Alex to be happy. He has worked on himself so much and has had girls break his heart. I want him to finally win. I want Mer to find love again and find happiness. It's hard for me to say that because I love McDreamy! But I don't want him coming back in a Denny form lol. Is Bailey too old to have another baby? Because I want her to have one with Ben. I love them.

Jasmine: I want the Alex and Jo relationship drama to resolve itself. I would like to see Alex happy. I want to see Meredith be honest with Maggie and then see where things with Nathan go. I want a solid storyline for Maggie. I love her, but I hate that she's sort of been reduced to supportive but naive and fragile sister who needs to be protected. Let Maggie be a badass. Maybe explore her relationship with Richard again. And anything with Bailey is aces in my book.

Elizabeth: I want McCreepy to stay away. I want good things for Stephanie, and for Jo to get a reality check and stop being a whiny little punk ass bitch all of the time. Also, more medicine. I could actually do with breaks from all relationship drama all the time. How about some professional angst?

So what are your thoughts? Hit up the comments section below, and share with us your responses to the round table questions!

Don't forget to check out Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 2 when it airs on Thursday, September 29th at 8/7c on ABC. 

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