Mary Elizabeth Winstead Tapped for Lead in Fargo Season 3

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be joining the cast of Fargo Season 3.

She was most recently seen lighting up the small screen in this summer's unappreciated BrainDead on CBS. 

Winstead will play Nikki Swango, a crafty and alluring recent parolee with a passion for competitive bridge playing.

Nikki is a woman with a plan, focused on always being at least one move ahead of her opponents.

ME Winstead

We're not yet sure in what time period Fargo Season 3 will be set, but it will be closer to present than the previous two installments.

This chapter will be focused on a par of brothers who will both be portrayed by Ewan McGregor, Emmit and Ray Stussy.

The Parking Lot King of Minnesota, Emmit, is a good looking, self assured real estate magnate.

His brother Ray is nothing like Emmit. In fact, he's the opposite. He's a slovenly, overweight parole officer who likes to blame his brother for all his ills.

McGregor didn't go small for his first series role on television!

Malvo's Master Plan

Carrie Coon will play the series regular role of Gloria Burgle, a practical woman who grabs the fire extinguisher when the bacon catches fire and everyone else panics.

She's the chief of police in Edna Valley and a newly divorced mother, who struggles to understand this new world around her where people connect more intimately with their phones than the people directly in front of them.

We can only speculate about how each of these characters will come in contact with one another. 

it sure seems a lock that Winstead's character will be seeing Ray in a professional fashion and maybe, just maybe, have some brushes with the law to be thrown into the same path as Gloria Burgle.

Winstead was absolutely spectacular as Laurel Healy on BrainDead, and securing a role on Fargo certainly doesn't bode well for the CBS series.

Peggy and Ed - Fargo

Either way, it does keep her on television, and her talent will be well-utilized by Noah Hawley, I'm sure.

Fargo Season 1 stayed relatively close to the original movie of the same name and starred Billy Bob Thornton.

The same characters were referenced for Fargo Season 2 when the story went back in time and shared the origin stories of those who appeared in the first season.

As we wait anxiously for the Emmy Awards presentation tomorrow night, Fargo is going into the night with 18 nominations.

It was already awarded two wins during the Creative Arts ceremonies.

If you'd like to watch past episodes, you can watch Fargo online to do so. 

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