Pitch Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Interim

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Something tells me Ginnsanity isn't coming to an end any time soon! 

I've noticed the reservations about Pitch. One of the common criticisms was that its premise is not suited for a television series, because there is no longevity in a series about a female athlete in arguably one of the most boring sports.

As I recall, there was similar apprehension about Friday Night Lights, and it went on to last several seasons. Arli$$  did well, and Ballers is currently doing well. The Game lasted longer than anyone anticipated and Coach is a classic.

It can be done. After Pitch Season 1 Episode 2, I think Pitch can do it. It has all the potential to be a great series.

Fitting In - Pitch

Pitch is about Ginny Baker. Sure, she's the first female pitcher in the league, but that's not all that she is. So how does one sustain a series about a female in baseball? By recognizing that Ginny is a 23 year old woman still trying to navigate life and figure out who she is.

Pitch is a coming of age story like many other coming of age stories. It's not just about baseball. It's about life. It's about a complex woman who just so happens to play baseball. 

So can an entire series revolve around that?

Yes. Yes it can. And that's been proven countless of times before.

Ginny: I really ought to take the player's bus. I gotta be one of the guys right now, Amelia.
Amelia: Look in the mirror. You'll never be one of the guys.

I love that Pitch addresses various viewpoints evenly and fairly. It acknowledges sexism but it also acknowledges the overly politically correct culture too. They coexist without one necessarily canceling out the other.

Ginny just wants to play baseball and be "one of the guys." She doesn't want any of the drama, awkwardness, or extra attention. There is a naivete to her assuming that she can ever be normal and get along with the rest of her life without much fanfare.

The world won't let her do that.

The newscasters debating and pontificating in the background is a nice touch. It's constant noise in that background that contributes to the tension between Ginny and her team, and only heightens the stress of the situation she's in.

Every time it feels like maybe Ginny is making some progress, some scandal or news story whether it directly pertains to her or not, gets in the way. Was I surprised that the majority of the team refused to show up at the post-game celebration? No. But it sucked.

 I was surprised when her teammates were finally starting to loosen up around her a bit, but then Ginnsanity on every single channel put everyone in a funk again.

Talk about a setback. She was right back where she started. The new kid at school trying to figure out where she should sit in the cafeteria, or in this case, on the bus. The answer is Mike. The answer is always Mike when Blip isn't there. 

Yeah, well I hope she makes it to the show one day. I mean, have you seen her? Easy on the eyes. I'm sure that a lot of the guys would love to have her in the locker room.


As if things weren't awkward enough, the media decided to dig up something mildly sexist and offensive Al said two years ago. I mean was it a crappy thing to say? Sure. Was it something worthy of putting his head on a platter for? Heck no! 

Dan Lauria plays the gruff, politically incorrect, old-timer really well. The general consensus is that Al is a dinosaur. He's the equivalent of the kind-hearted, drunk uncle who says culturally insensitive things because he hasn't caught up with the times.

Here's where Pitch takes a jab at "too politically correct" culture. He made an insensitive joke two years ago and they want to crucify him for it. There were others worthy of that, like whomever sexually assaulted the girl in the case they were talking about. 

I have three daughters. Just so you know. One of them is a doctor. Smartest person I know. I also happen to think she's beautiful. I don't think that's the most interesting thing about her. It's just a fact. I'm probably missing something here. The world sort of passed me by after the internet.


I loved the scene he had with Ginny. He apologized as best as someone who isn't openly emotional could. In his day and age, it wasn't instantly offensive to call a woman beautiful, or assumed that that's all she was.

It was a sweet scene, which made the whole "Frank pressuring Oscar to oust Al" all the more sad. I really feel badly for Al, and I can't stand Frank. 

On Pitch Season 1 Episode 1 the baseball politics was the weakest aspect of the episode (this time that goes to Blip and his wife. Lovely people. Sweet relationship. Pointless storyline). This time it was more interesting.

Frank may be a money hungry, opportunistic, megalomaniac, but Al isn't going to go down without a fight!

Rachel: Woman to woman, this girl was in your exact shoes!
Ginny: No one is in my exact shoes! And woman to woman, screw you for putting that on me.

They even chose to address the stifling aspect of feminism. Ginny, like anyone who has ever experienced being in a minority because of their gender, race, religion etc, has to deal with others trying to make her the poster child or spokesperson for her kind.

"Her kind" in this case, being a woman in a predominately male environment in sports. I was so glad when Ginny called Rachel out on that manipulative "woman to woman" crap. She's not mandated to speak on any and every issue regarding women and sports!

Hi, Will Baker, and I'm from stay the hell away from my sister, company.


I was dying to learn more about Will Baker! And what we learned was that he tried his best to fill the shoes of his father after he died. The siblings appeared to be really close. 

Will was out of his depth trying to help his sister fulfill her and their father's dream. It was heavily implied that it came at the expense of his own. It was bittersweet at the end when he entrusted Amelia with his sister's career.

It was great to finally see the origin of Amelia and Ginny's relationship. She always comes across as a no-nonsense, ball-buster, but always super protective of Ginny. I wonder how much of that has to do with her inability to have a child of her own?

You just obliterated my life in two sentences Eric, forgive me if I don't want to give you the satisfaction of seeing me cry.


That scene between her and her ex was brutal! He was so callous! I don't blame her one bit for quitting and taking off!

One thing that became clear, especially after that scene where Mike sits next to Amelia at the bar at the end, is that there are a lot of people riding on Ginny Baker. Ginny isn't just Mike's legacy. She's Amelia's too.

I didn't expect the reporter to be Mike's ex!

Once they were in a scene together you could tell that Mike truly loves her. Or maybe he loves the idea of her, because he's rapidly approaching that point in his life where he wants something to show for everything he's done this far.

Mike: I'm tired of being a life coach to these 23 year old boys. I'm tired of not having anyone to talk to at night. God, I miss you! I want my wife back.
Rachel: I'm engaged.

Mike's a jackass, but baring his soul to his ex only for her to tell him that she's engaged? Ouch! No one deserves that. 

Ginny isn't the only one trying to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life. Mike seems to be on that path too. In fact that's probably why they seem to connect so well. 

I really enjoy their relationship. I'm not one who jumps aboard romantic ships. The chemistry is there and the implications are there, but I'm more fascinated with the strong friendship and partnership that's building between them.

They push each other and inspire each other. It's mutual which makes it more interesting to watch. Mike is slowly being sucked into the Ginnsanity himself, if that lingering look her gave her said anything.

And honestly, so have I. All I need is a Baker jersey and an "I'm next" sign (I'm really not. I don't have an athletic bone in my body). But I'm a fan and I'm committed to Pitch because I think it's that good.

Ginny Baker is such an authentic character. I'm invested in her journey and I want to see her succeed, and learn more about her. My love of Kyle Bunbury doesn't hurt. 

Ginny's life is just beginning and she's well on a path of self-discovery. It doesn't matter how old or young you are. How can you not relate to that?

So what did you guys think of the episode? Was it a solid installment? Do you want to see Al let go? How many speeches can Mike give before it becomes hokey and overdone? 

Hit up the comments below! Don't forget to catch our Pitch Roundtable next week and you can watch Pitch online to catch up!

The Interim Review

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Pitch Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Ginny: I really ought to take the player's bus. I gotta be one of the guys right now, Amelia.
Amelia: Look in the mirror. You'll never be one of the guys.

It's Ginnsanity in San Diego.