Queen Sugar Round Table: Who Wants More Sugar?

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So... what did you think of Queen Sugar?

Following the premiere of this OWN drama, TV Fanatics Jenn, Jasmine, and Christine O. have gathered to debate the following:

Nova going off on Charley... whether or not Davis could actually be innocent as he claimed... whether Darla deserves a second chance... and their favorite moments from Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 1 and Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 2

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Was Nova justified in going off on Charley for calling the caterer?

Jenn: Clearly there is some underlining tension, especially after finding out they have different mothers. I get Nova was upset, but I don't think she should have gone off on Charley. Charley was just trying to help in some way and feel a part.

Jasmine: No. Charley was genuinely trying to help and was in no way showing off or throwing money around. Nova is justified in lashing out at Charley for a few things, but the catering isn't one of them.

Christine: No, I don’t think she needed to go off on her sister like that. Nova had been shutting Charley out from helping with the funeral plans from the start. She obviously has some issues with her sister but I think her tirade had as much to do with her grief as being angry with Charley. 

Davis claimed he was innocent? Do you think that’s possible?

Jenn: I don't see how Davis can be innocent. He is on tape carrying what looked to be a passed out girl. The only thing he can say is maybe he was set up. One of the articles in the first episode said players were with this women on several occasions. So if that is true he could have seen set up. But either way he cheated on Charley.

Jasmine: I guess, but I'm skeptical. Even if he didn't actively participate in it, he stumbled into a hotel room full of men with an inebriated woman slung over his shoulder and lied about it. He has some explaining to do.

Christine: I’ll be shocked if he’s somehow innocent. He tossed a half passed out drunk woman over his shoulder, groped her ass, and carried her into a hotel room. I can’t imagine an explanation that makes that better. 

Does Darla deserve a second chance to be a part of Blue’s life?

Jenn: I don't know Darla's story but, it looks to be pretty thick. I think as long as she never abused Blue she does deserve a chance. Clearly all three of them have been hurting, so I hope they find away to come together. Blue just lost his grandfather, I think he deserves a chance to be with his mom.

Jasmine: Tough call. Coping with an addict, even a recovering one is difficult and emotionally draining. Blue lost the person he was closest to. He needs stability now more than ever.

Christine: Addicts put their family’s through hell so I understand why Ralph Angel doesn’t trust her and would rather push her away, but Blue misses his mama. He just lost his grandfather. I’d take things very slowly but I do think Darla deserves a chance to be a part of Blue’s life. Also, knowing she has a shot could give her more motivation to stay clean.

The Funeral - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 2

Should Ralph Angel have let Blue take his doll, Kenya, to school?

Jenn: Yes I think Blue should have his doll. Its clearly some sort of security blanket for him. My guess is it’s his mothers or reminds him of her. I think it’s big of RalphAngel to let Blue have it.

Jasmine: I understand his reservations about it, but he should have. Blue's grandfather died and his mother is mostly absent. Kenya is his security blanket.

Christine: I’m also guessing that Blue’s attachment to the doll has something to do with missing his mom. But I understand why Ralph Angel didn’t want him to take it into school. Kids can be horribly mean and Blue is already hurting. I think he was trying to protect his son. 

Was there anything about the first two episodes that disappointed you?

Jenn: I wasn't really disappointed in anything. I like how they have introduced the characters with tidbits into there life .I am looking forward to finding out more through each episode.

Jasmine: Outside of the fact that two hours in one week wasn't enough? Nothing! Absolutely nothing disappointed me about this show!

Christine: My only disappointment was that I saw some comments online from people who said they wouldn’t watch the show because of the mostly black cast. Those people are fools. This is a wonderfully well written, well acted show. In my opinion, compelling family drama from a different perspective than what we normally see, makes for great TV. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from Queen Sugar Episodes 1 and 2?

Jenn: My favorite scene was Charley walking onto the basketball court. I mean the pain and emotion in her face as she walked on to the court was amazing. You could tell she had to be hurt because she knows better lol. 

Jasmine: There are too many of both to choose from! "He was our black stone. Let light send him back to the light" was a favorite quote. I also LOVED the three generations of men holding each other in Ernest's final moments. But the lighting during the funeral scene with the siblings decked in white was incredible.

Christine: I loved both of the above, so I’ll pick another. I enjoyed the family choosing photos for the funeral service, going through memories and talking about which pictures were appropriate. That was so realistic and yet you don’t normally see it played out on TV. 

Check back on Wednesday night for our review of Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 3 here at TV Fanatic.

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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Nova: Be good.
Calvin: I won't tell you the same.
Nova: You know better.

The players who got caught with the girl are just kids, coming straight out of high school. No home training, no life skills. We hand them millions of dollars and then say good luck. They marry riffraff. They live wild, now they're messing up our livelihood.