Scream Queens Round Table: The Good Doctor and His Bad Hand

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Who ever thought that annoying Chanel #5 could be humanized at all?

But that's exactly what her Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 2 storyline did:  #5 found her humanity in an all-too-brief love story with Colton Hayne's neurofibromatosis-stricken Tyler, who sadly met his maker at the hands of this season's killer, the Green Meanie, by the hour's end.

"Warts and All" also gave us more backstory about the green demon costume-wearing killer, a possible terminal illness for Dean Munsch, the return of Hester Ullrich, and a few hilarious interactions between returning Scream Queens Season 1 fan favorite Chad Radwell and possessed-hand-having Dr. Brock Holt!

Check out our round table discussion below, as our TV Fanatics Yana, Jenn, and Paul discuss all of the wackiness that went down on the latest installment of Scream Queens!

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Chad Radwell is back! What was your favorite Chad moment? Or, if you hate all things Chad, why did you hate his return?

Yana: I love all things Chad Radwell, and his stylish return fit the character so well. I was also glad that we got an answer to that Scream Queens Season 1 Finale ending. Chad's scenes were great, and I'm hoping he doesn't leave anytime soon now that he has unlocked Dr. Brock Holt's secret. My favorite moments was obviously his homoerotic shower meeting with Dr. Brock Holt and his reunion with Chanel.

Jenn: I agree with Yana, I love Chad. The shower scene was also my favorite. Chad scaring Chanel was pretty funny as well. I hope we see more of him and John Stamos together!

Paul: I thought the shower scene was hilarious. Holt was so confused why Chad was using the staff showers, and it made the whole thing even more awkward.

Dean Munsch is supposedly dying, after eating infected dead human brain in New Guinea. True or false?

Yana: Is that even possible? I was going to look up exactly how true this all was and if it really can't be cured, but then I didn't really want cannibalism in my search history. Dean Munsch is my absolute favorite on Scream Queens, so for my own sake I'm hoping it's not true or that she survives through some ridiculous way. Maybe The Green Meanie and his slime might help?

Jenn: I would be more surprised if eating an infected dead brain didn't do anything to you. I totally believe this story if in fact the New Guinea visit story is true. I don't think we can lose Dean Munsch, so a cure has to save her! Or maybe they find out it's really Zika!

Paul: I don't believe anything she says. Look at the way she fooled America into thinking she was opening the hospital for the greater good. We should have known it was all about her.

We're only 2 episodes in, but there are already many parallels to Season 1's killer. At this early stage, who's a better killer: the Red Devil or the Green Meanie?

Yana: Before we knew that Chad was the one behind the Red Devil mask, I was kind of hoping to see the two of them team up. That would be an interesting way to tie in the last and this season, but if not, I think I would choose the Red Devil for now. I'm sure I will love the Green Meanie more once we see more of their actions and them in general. For now, they are just popping up randomly, but we don't see them outside of the quick murders.

Jenn: The Red Devil as of now, too. He was so creepy and kind of funny. I'm not the biggest fan right now of the Green Meanie, but hopefully that will change. Some of the possible suspects have been erased thanks to this episode. Seeing the Green Meanie go back and kill the people in the hospital could eliminate the baby seeking revenge idea. Unless it was the mom and she taught him to take over.

Paul: The Red Devil. We haven't seen much good stuff from the Green Meanie yet.

Better "incurable" patient storyline this week: Chad's friend Randall or Colton Haynes' tumor-covered Tyler?

Yana: I loved how Colton Haynes played this fan-fiction writing patient, but I loved Randall's disease more. It makes no sense, and it proved more comedic moments than Tyler, probably because they were trying to create something with him and Chanel #5, which was obviously doomed from the start.

Jenn: I just wish we could have seen Colton's face, just a shame to hide it! Tyler was the better patient.

Paul: Tyler was the better patient. His storyline helped me like #5 more, and I didn't think that was possible.

What's the deal with Hester? How does she know so much about the Green Meanie? Speculate!

Yana: Maybe the new killer visited her before the killings started? Or maybe she had access to the files somehow and pieced the clues together? I'm starting to doubt how much she actually knows and how much we are supposed to believe that she knows. I'd give it some more time before I actually start to care about what Hester may or may not know.

Jenn: I think she must have someone on the inside. Maybe they are reporting to her what is going on in the hospital. She didn't really give them any information they didn't already know.

Paul: I don't think she knows anything. Someone is feeding her information, probably Hoffel.

Best line of the episode.

Yana: ''I asked Chad for it. I told him it was for an experimental weapons-grade pube laser that was developed by the Chinese military to give me a permanently stubble-free box. He started writing the check before I even finished that phrase.

Jenn: Chanel # 3: "I don't even think she's touched herself." Chanel: "Even her hand thinks she's gross."

Paul: I can't remember the full line, but it was when Hoffel told Zayday to pick up her medication. It was hilarious and Zayday's reaction made it funnier.

And now, it's your turn! What did you think of "Warts and All"? Hit the comments below with your responses to our round table questions!

Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 3 airs on Tuesday, October 11th (not 4th!) at 9/8c on Fox.

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