The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Chapter Two: Lupus in Fabula

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This series just laid its cards on the table, and its a good hand.

What we're dealt with The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 2 is how we can expect the series to be a self sustaining, different entity from the movie.

Everyone will have a different reaction, certainly, but I'm quite interested to find out what comes next.

Father Marcus Is In the House - The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 2

Father Tomas was prepared to toe the line of the Catholic Church with regard to the exorcism of Casey. 

Apparently, he didn't find much to impress him when he visited Father Marcus at St. Aquinas, because other than discovering what the place was all about, he never even followed up to say thanks for the conversation, it was good to meet you in person instead of my dreams.

I know what St. Aquinas is. It's a place where they send broken priests. Why were you there?


He was completely ignorant of the fact Father Marcus had gone "missing" from what appears to be the place where not only the Father Marcus' of the world go, but probably where the ones we are trying not to mention are sent like dust under a rug. Yuck on them getting such a nice place to settle.

But ha ha ha! Marcus wasn't quite right when he told Tomas on The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 1 that God doesn't work in mysterious ways, because he's on God's side, and he took the mysterious route to reach Marcus before breaking into his place for a spot of tea.

I guess he figured he might as well stay with the guy connected to the case who knows him the best, even if Marcus knows so little about Tomas. Snooping around fixed that.

Marcus' life was a lot more harsh than even performing a lifetime of exorcisms could have explained. Being sold to the Church for what amounts to nothing to be used as an exorcism trainee at such a young age? I assume all the kids were being trained for the worst job in the Church.

They were thrown away, having seen what amounts to the demons of humanity, so why not stick 'em in a basement and see if they can get rid of real demons with a second go. Terrible, but Marcus actually welcomed it in lieu of believing there wasn't a way to get rid of the ugliness. Can you imagine?

Marcus kind of laughed in Tomas' face for taking the Church so seriously. There must be some back door entrance into the hallowed halls of exorcisms because there was no way the Bishop was allowing Tomas into the room and Marcus called it. But was on the outs too, even being chased like a fugitive by the Church.

Both priests have things to hide and it would be best to tackle what lies ahead of them together, right? And Marcus discovered there is a lot more at play than one girl and her little demon friend.

Holy Water - The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 2

Marcus made it his mission to find out what was up with Casey, and he ran into a mother on a mission when Angela was reaching out again to Father Tomas. Father Tomas didn't want to step into anything just yet, so Angela was scooping up holy water to take home with her.

Father Marcus sort of introduced himself by way of a holy water lesson, that would later backfire just a bit. It's just regular drinking water to everyone but a demon who drinks it. 

Marcus got a look at Casey, who was busy being sweet, but that dude from the premiere who was followed by darkness thinks she's pretty sweet, and darn special. "He" chose her. Now darkness guy wants to know if she was touched, how it feels. And when Marcus touches darkness dude, he gets a flashback to his childhood demon.

Marcus has some ties in the demonic world. Ties he discovers have been keeping an eye on him. But who is "he," anyway? Is that the older fellow who is appearing to Casey? Or is that guy "his" handler? Casey is carrying the seeds of "him" and that older guy is watching over her or something. 

Demonic Jenga - The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 2

But dang, Casey is powerful. She can crack a girls leg and hold up a Jenga tower, which, as we all know, just can't be done. The size of that Jenga tower? It was meant for no other purpose than to topple to the floor. But Casey used it for evil to show her mother there's a driving force inside her. Or something. 

A fun, family game was used for disturbing, nefarious purposes. The horror! 

Angela gave Casey the water and Casey handled it fine. That was enough to fool Angela into a false sense of security by the time the meal was over. Angela may even pull back on her visits to the church because she didn't witness the damage Father Marcus spoke about.

It just proved how strong Casey's demon is, that it can hold back the torturous feeling of a gut full of bile and centipedes. Which is just gross (although not as gross as Marcus' demon in the basement covered in split pea bile, if we're being honest). 

It made Casey feel bad and crave comfort, though, something her brain damaged father didn't miss. He also didn't miss her getting that comfort from her imaginary friend. Now that he's seen that, will Angela still believe him?

Marcus: The power of Christ compels you.
Demon Woman: Do I look compelled, man of God?

That was my favorite line. Marcus isn't carrying the full power of Christ anymore. From the way the demon lady laughed him off, felt uncompelled and admitted she heard rumblings on the street, it sure seemed like it was of his own doing. That losing Gabriel had crushed his spirit and his power to ward off demons.

Now they're all piling into this city because Pope Sebastian is making a visit. Whoever thought a billboard featuring the Pope's back with "He Is Coming" as the slogan was a good idea has an odd sense of humor. It felt more like an announcement for the devil than the arrival of the Pope or anything Godly. 

It would make a great cover for a horror book. 

Instead, it's real. The Pope is coming. And right now there are demons murdering people and collecting organs. I wondered why we were tracking that kid with the headphones on the bike for the entire hour; never did I expect it was only to see him be sliced and diced with the rest of his family. Harsh.

The only thing that would have made the scene of the killers climbing into the back of the van with their coolers more chilling would have been if they were dressed as clowns. 

So. Do you like the new direction in which The Exorcist the series is taking us? Who will be the big demon snuggled inside Casey? Who is its handler? Why does it need all of the organs? What will snap Marcus back and return his demon fighting mojo? Will Tomas be a strong enough assistant or will his love for Jessica keep him bound to more earthly passions?

Have your say, TV Fanatics! I can't wait to see what's coming next. How about you?? And watch The Exorcist online if you haven't started yet. This is good stuff!

Chapter Two: Lupus in Fabula Review

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