The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Resistance

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A naval leader who risks his own life to save his fellow officers and protect their country against corrupt foreign officials deserves to be praised for his courageous efforts.

So when the Chief of Naval Operations of one of the world's powerful countries is instead marked for death by some of his colleagues, the action and emotions that are set to arise are sure to be intense and memorable.

The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12 expands the emotional storyline of Tom being targeted by the regional leaders that has built during the past several episodes.

The penultimate episode of Season 3, "Resistance," finally sees Tom and the Nathan James crew returning to San Diego to confront Allison and the regional leaders about the arrest warrant issued for him while the naval officers were in Asia.

While it's noble that Tom wants to protect the world, The Last Ship finally returns to its true form that was presented in its first two seasons. The drama truly thrives when the Chief of Naval Operations balances his time at home and abroad and fights to protect his fellow citizens and the world's population against all threats.

The post-apocalyptic series wasted countless scenes during the first half of Season 3 focusing on Tom and the American government disagreeing on how he should stop their foreign enemies.

But in "Resistance," the former Nathan James captain finally returns to his true nature of using physical combat to regain control.

One of the most clever sequences in "Resistance" is when Tom once again embraces his survival instincts. He arranges for the two missiles that Allison launched against the Nathan James to instead hit another ship.

That brilliant tactic afforded the crew time to set up its sneak attack against the naval base.

As long as we stay 40 miles off the coast, we'll stay dead.


Since Tom and his fellow officers aboard the Nathan James risked their lives to stop the virus and their country's enemies, as well as set up plans to stop the regional leaders' plans, the naval crew should be viewed as heroes.

So it's devastating to watch them realize they've been betrayed by Allison and the regional leader, and understandable that they subsequently feel the need to retaliate.

During the last two weeks it took us to cross the Pacific, they dismantled the entire military.


Aside from Tom and his fellow naval officers' determination to fight to not only protect themselves but also preserve America, another compelling aspect of "Resistance" is the doubt that subtly begins to haunt Allison.

Since she assures the regional leaders that she wants control over the government, it's interesting that Allison unconsciously expresses her hesitations.

Between admitting that President Michener made some smart decisions and asking Rebecca for help in securing power in St. Louis, it seems likely Allison will falter in upholding her plans.

It's one of the few things that Jeffrey Michener did right-centralizing the control of the weapons systems.


As Allison works to hide her sentiments, one overtly heartfelt moment that helped define the storyline in "Resistance" is Kara and Danny's long-awaited reunion.

The married couple deserve to be together again after all the conflicts they've become immersed in during Season 3 as they fight their enemies abroad and at home.

As The Last Ship Season 3 winds down and heads into its finale, if Tom, Kara and their allies continue to work together, they'll likely be able to finally stop Allison and the regional leaders from further deconstructing the American government and society.

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Resistance Review

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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

The regional leaders served the military personnel a line that breaking up the country is the only way to save it.

President Oliver

During the last two weeks it took us to cross the Pacific, they dismantled the entire military.