Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Confinement

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That was possibly the best episode of Ash vs Evil Dead to date!

Things got insane rather quickly on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 5, with Baal making his highly anticipated debut. I was thoroughly looking forward to this character being set up as the most evil foe that Ash and Co. have faced yet, and I was not disappointed.

First impressions are important, and Baal definitely made his mark on this episode. Completely entrancing deputy Marge and subsequently peeling off her skin, all while she remained in a state of pure orgasmic bliss was unsettling.

Baal arrives

It was a powerful scene to start off on, and it immediately set Baal up as someone to be feared. A being with the power of persuasion and manipulation over another persons mind and body is a frightening thought. It makes me wonder how someone that powerful can be stopped.

Ash once again thought all was well with the world. After all, he and Pablo sent the Necronomicon to hell at the end of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 4. Problem solved. Game over. World saved. Right?


This is Ash we're talking about here. Whenever Ash tries to fix something, he inevitably makes it a hundred times worse.

Ash strutting down the street to his made up tune about saving the world was awesome. It needs some work, but I would have loved to hear the whole song. Add that one to Ashey Slashey's greatest hits album.

Ash rehearsing his line about Linda in the store window was typical Ash and a great nod to Ash's girlfriend Linda from the original Evil Dead.

Linda, from the moment I saw you I realized, that you were one of the only Linda's for me.


Of course, sheriff Thomas had to cut Ash's celebration short and bring him up on charges for murdering Deadite Amber back on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 3.

I really can't stand Thomas, he's such an ass. Don't get me wrong, Ash is an ass too, but he's our ass. Thomas is just a straight up douche.

Who's who? - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 5

Granted, Thomas has every right to be peeved after all of the abuse and punishment Ash gave him when they were younger, There's also a bit of jealousy mixed in there given his his wife Linda's history with Ash. You can't fault the guy for doing his job in trying to protect his family and town.

That doesn't make him any less of a douche though.

I'm glad we got to see Chet again! The way he left off with Ash last week had me doubt we would be seeing him again so soon. So, I'm glad Chet was able to partake in the wild game of "who done it" that would ensue.

The whole paranoia theme that was set loose within the sheriff's station made for some great, suspenseful setting. Anyone else noticing a pattern of the writers incorporating classic horror film references into this season?

The last two episodes involving the possessed car, was heavily inspired by the 1983 film, Christine. Let's not forget (but I'm trying) the Achilles tendon slicing on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 2, which was a lot more subtle nod to Pet Sematary.

Out of service - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 5

"Confinement" had a great homage to The Thing. The main themes of that film were isolation and paranoia. Both of which were played to great effect here.

In the lobby, I was never certain who's skin Baal could have been lurking under. However, once Ruby found that lone deputy hiding near the evidence locker, I knew right away she was Baal.

What was surprising though, was how easily Ruby fell under Baal's spell. Although, it made sense after Baal revealed himself, and we learned that Ruby is now completely human and powerless. Apparently, she has been human ever since she returned to seek out Ash at the beginning of the season.

Whoa! I was definitely not expecting that.

You think your precious Jefe is going to be the savior of humanity? You get to watch me break him.


According to Baal, the only way he can be defeated is either the Necronimicon or the dagger. Well, now Ruby is without both. All hope seemed lost until Pablo went into convulsions and his Ruby saw the markings on his abdomen.

What do you think is happening to Pablo? Judging from Ruby's reaction and the writing on his stomach, it appears that Pablo is turning into the Necronimicon.

This episode was the best installment of the season. Baal was charming, yet mischievous and dark. The stakes are only bound be raised as we gear up for the second half of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2.

Other thoughts from the episode:

  • How long do you think Ruby can keep her mortality a secret from the team and how will the team deal with that revelation?
  • Anyone catch Lacey's faint smile after mentioning Pablo? Awwww.
  • Is Pablo actually the key to defeating Baal, or is this just false hope?
  • What "deal" with Ruby could Baal have be referring to?

What did you think of Baal? Did he meet your expectation of the huge threat he's been made out to be? Hit the comments below!

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Confinement Review

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Baal/Marge: You got five, sugar.
Ash: Oh I got eight, but I know how to make it feel like five.

Linda, from the moment I saw you I realized, that you were one of the only Linda's for me.