Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Extreme Measures

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Some days you just can't win.

More than a few members of the ED team seemed disheartened at the end of Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 5. Poor Nat and Sarah were in an impossible position, and even though Choi solved the mystery of his patient's illness, there was only so much he could do about the underlying cause.

A few were able to look for the silver lining though. Even if Will spent the majority of the hour freaking out and second guessing the decisions he made, he had Nina to fall back on for support. And Noah finally did something to make April proud!

Chicago Marathon - Chicago Med

I know we just talked about this, but the promos from hell struck again. And here's what I didn't say last time: this hurts the show. These promos, designed to get fans psyched while drawing in new viewers, only end up letting everyone down.

If I had never before watched an episode of Chicago Med, and only tuned in because it looked like something disastrous was going to happen at a major city's marathon and then a doctor was going to pull some insane procedure despite the fact that he'd get fired for it....I'd be pretty disappointed.

As someone who's watched from the get-go, I'm still disappointed. Not because "Extreme Measures" was terrible, judged on its own merits. It wasn't stellar by any means, but it was adequate and then some. But it did not live up to the hype.

Pride. It can literally kill you.


There were good points to the Chicago Marathon case. While most of the angst was centered on Will as he tried to balance concern about his career with concern about his patient, Noah actually managed to not suck in this.

Noah has tried my patience since he showed up. Even if he wasn't a spoiled brat, the fact that April had to give up her dream because she had to help put her brother (more worthy because his reproductive organs are on the outside) through school.

And if that wasn't enough, he did turn out to be an utter ass. I will say that his excitement that everything turned out alright for Ignacio was endearing. I'm hopeful that this case will be his turning point, the moment when he realizes that medicine is serious, but beautiful, deserving of his awe and respect.

He has promise. Even if YouTubing how to place a chest tube was exceedingly obnoxious millennial behavior.

Yeah, you know, I was proud of you, and now you're just being a dick.

April [to Noah]

Noah wasn't the only one growing up though. Will's angst, while sometimes a little too self centered, showed how much he's matured. It's unclear if it's new position, his new bills, or his new girlfriend, but something has changed him for the better.

In addition to winning Most Improved Character, Will also had the grosses/coolest scene. We don't see nearly enough shots of doctors literally up to their elbows in patients chests. Or other anywhere else for that matter. 

I'd also like to see more of the urgent team work that we got from the team at the med tent. Maybe Med is just too well stocked of a hospital, but other than Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 2, I can't think of a time when resources or staff was scarce and it impacted patient care.

Connor: Do you know what "aloha" means?
Sharon: Isn't that what they say when you get off the plane? I thought it meant "welcome." No?
Connor: Not exactly. "Aloha" actually means "to consciously manifest life joyously in the present."

One deficit that "Extreme Measures" did expose was in Choi. Now, I love Ethan. Personally, I would have been fine with the lesser Halstead heading off to warmer climes and the Navy vet getting to step up and take the spotlight (and before you freak out, the resident ginger is growing on me).

But he screwed the pooch big time in the way he handled things with Clarke. First of all, as a medical student, Clarke wouldn't be able to write orders anyway. Regardless, Ethan dealt with the matter in an abrupt way that did nothing but beat down a student.

Even later, when he reassured Jeff that he's bound to make mistakes as a student, it came off more condescending than helpful. Choi needs to go watch some game tape of Mark Greene, or at least do some role-playing with Dr. Charles.

People think sex is a touchy subject. Believe me, money is a lot touchier.


We'll get to find out what happened to Sarah's patient Danny on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 6 ("Alternative Medicine," airing October 27th). Detective Lindsay will show up to try and help Dr. Reese how best to help him --- I guess it would be too much to ask for her to put a call into Benson to shut this trafficking ring down.

Dreams of a three part crossover event aside, Nat and Choi might be intimated by their young genius of a patient, which will hopefully help take Nat's mind off the bad news she has to deliver to a family. 

And Connor and Sharon might have to make happy hour at real life Island Party Hut a regular thing. Mr. Rising Star has some underlying insecurity issues that come to the forefront when he misses things Will picks up on, and Sharon will be caught with Maggie in administrative hell.

If you've missed any part of Chicago Med Season 2 so far, don't worry, you can watch Chicago Med online! Let us know what you thought about "Extreme Measures" down in the comments section, we love hearing all your thoughts!

Extreme Measures Review

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Pride. It can literally kill you.


Yeah, you know, I was proud of you, and now you're just being a dick.

April [to Noah]