Code Black Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Corporeal Form

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Nothing unites coworkers like a despicable boss. 

Doctor Campbell doubled down on his high-handed management of Angel's ER on Code Black Season 2 Episode 3. It takes a brave man to ignore people's opinions of him, and a stupid one to ignore advice. It's an enigma how Campbell can do both and be neither. 

The joint chief of the ER and OR might be annoying the hell out of all his coworkers, but the newcomers all seem to be fitting in just fine with Mama's family. 

A Radical Procedure - Code Black

So, Campbell is turning out to be quite the dick. I know, I know, I (repeatedly) advocated for a character that would cause some kind of tension amongst the cast. But I thought that character might have some aspect to their personality that make them bearable. 

If you've read past reviews, you may have picked up on my unending love for ER, and I hate to beat a dead horse, but when I asked for an unlikable character... I was asking for an archetype like a Peter Benton. A Carrie Weaver. Even the misogynistic, walking God-complex that was Romano would have worked.

Campbell may be hot, but I'm struggling to find something else about him that is tolerable. I'm not blaming Boris Kodjoe. It's just that the character isn't bad enough, or rather, we don't have any appreciable motivation for why he's a total tool. And while there have been glimpses of caring about patients...they're just glimpses.

Maybe more screen time would help. I'm not even asking for a relatable back story to make me like him. Just a little understanding so that I don't dread his appearance. Some personality. 

Campbell: I need to do something about him.
Leanne: Is it Willis you don't like, or the fact that he's right?
Jesse: It's probably both.

Ethan just keeps making me love him. I had a picture of Sam Seaborn in my high school locker, so admittedly, I was pretty primed to be a fan of the colonel's. But the cool tech he keeps bringing in? Be still my heart (as the portable ECMO takes over its function)!

The way that Ethan is being developed only highlights my complaints about Campbell. We not only know something (though not much) about his background, we see him interact with the other doctors. As they get to know him, so do we.

That makes me more patient with his secrets and more tolerant of his sometimes brusque demeanor. It helps that what we know is positive – mainly that he cares deeply about patients – but even when he missteps, there is a reason behind it.

The fact that he's funny and (extremely) good looking doesn't hurt, of course.

Ethan: A soy taco? What the hell's that?
Charlotte: This is Los Angeles. It's not uncommon.
Ethan: This is occupied northern Mexico, young Lady. I'm not saying we should give it back. But please, a little respect.

The interns are starting to come into their own, and I really feel like we've been given a good handle on Noa and Charlotte. That's a pretty impressive feat for just three episodes when there's already an established cast in place. I would like to know more about Elliot, and I'm hoping that the little tease we got means that he'll get the spotlight in the future. 

Basically all we know is that he's adopted and a virgin, but he's got to have some strengths we haven't seen yet. With Charlotte as the eidetic-memory-blessed genius diagnostician and no-fear-Noa who lives for the adrenaline rush of extreme medicine, where will Elliot fit in? 

He certainly can't stay a shy little Sugarbear forever.

Noa: Barry? I'm Dr. Kean.
Barry: You're a doctor? You look twelve.

Other Thoughts

  • Are Mario and Noa being set up as romantic interests? I'm not sure how I feel about that one yet.
  • Will the Charlotte "Jessamine" thing ever end, or is this the new version of Leanne obsessing about her family? It's already getting tired.
  • I actually wish that Anita and her baby hadn't had a Happily Ever After ending. It might make me a terrible person, but it was just so trite. And as Elliot pointed out, sometimes giving up a baby is the best way to be a parent. 
  • Angus had to go to rehab for his brief flirtation with Ritalin? Seriously?
  • Heather brought up publishing, and I'd love to see the "publish or perish" aspect of teaching hospitals stressed some. Working in grant writing would actually fit with the fight for resources that's at the center of the show.
  • Jesse's a Beyonce fan. Is there no limit to how awesome he is?

Woman: No, inspired is putting an engagement ring on your penis and then proposing.
Man: We've gotta get it off. It hurts bad.
Jesse: You should've thought about that before you put a ring on it. Yeah.

Halloween is a busy night in most ERs, and it looks like Angel's Memorial will be no different. On Code Black Season 2 Episode 4, titled "Demons and Angels" and airing October 26th, Ethan gets the chance to save the beguiling Dr. Nolan from a haunted house that's caught on fire. One little snag: she's there with her boyfriend's son.

It looks like Mike's coma might also be coming to an end on the night of fright – just not the way Angus was hoping. If Mike makes it out of this thing alive, I may drop dead of shock myself. I like Mike, and I hate to see him go, but the arc has been drawn out without actually devoting time to anything other than Angus moping, so I'll be glad when it's done.

If you missed even one overly cliched single ray of light hitting "Janie's" hair to create a halo effect, don't worry! You can watch Code Black online, and then you'll be able to join the communal debriefing in the comments section. We'd love to hear from you!

Corporeal Form Review

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Code Black Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Noa: Barry? I'm Dr. Kean.
Barry: You're a doctor? You look twelve.

Ethan: A soy taco? What the hell's that?
Charlotte: This is Los Angeles. It's not uncommon.
Ethan: This is occupied northern Mexico, young Lady. I'm not saying we should give it back. But please, a little respect.