Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Where Is Josh's Friend

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Rebecca is just a girl in love, so you can't call her crazy.

But let's just cut to the chase – she's still just as eccentric and quirky as she's ever been.

On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 1, Rebecca immediately turned the tables on Josh Chan after her love confession, making him question whether or not he's the crazy one in their relationship.

And quite honestly, based on what we've seen now that Josh and Rebecca are friends with benefits, I'm not even sure which of the two is more in need of some mental re-evaluation.

Rebecca Gets Angry at Paula - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Paula: What you've got with Josh is an AirBnB with benefits.
Rebecca: You are so wrong!

Rebecca and Josh's need to have sex is comical, sure, but the underlying issues between them are so obvious, they may as well be sitting under that same arrow that brought Rebecca to West Covina in the first place.

Of course Josh isn't ready to label his relationship with Rebecca!

Besides the fact that she confessed that she moved across the country to be with him (and really made him question what he's getting himself into), there's still the underlying fact that he just ended a long term relationship with Valencia.

He's free to be single and mingle for the first time in over a decade. The last thing he wants to do is to commit to anything (or anyone).

But he's also leading Rebecca on, whether consciously or not. Josh is enjoying all of the benefits of having sex with a crazy girl (as he confirmed to Hector) and not keeping in mind that her feelings for him are far more intense than he's planning on reciprocating.

Rebecca: It's like you don't even believe in me and Josh anymore!
Paula: I used to think that you two had destiny on your side, I really did -
Rebecca: PAULA!
Paula: But I hate to say it, but I don't think Josh cares about you the way you want him to.

Speaking of Rebecca's intense feelings for Josh, her desperate read into every one of his actions is really sad.

Sure, “Love Kernels” makes it seems hilarious that Rebecca is reaching for any little morsel of feelings Josh will throw her way. But the “Lemonade” homage also highlights the serious cracks that exist in the foundation of Rebecca and Josh's relationship, whether it moves forward or not.

Rebecca is somehow still in denial. For a woman who is so incredibly intelligent, she's equally as obtuse when it comes to matters of the heart.

Her grand gesture drawer (with its Entertainer soundtrack) is obviously not what Josh wants. She knows it, but needs to keep him around, so she resorts to a sex bribe with handcuffs. By the way – did anyone else take notice of the fact that JOSH was the one handcuffed? Fantasy reversal win for Rebecca!

Hector is right – Rebecca is doing her damnedest to trap Josh. And when she fails, all that's left of this smart cookie is a sad Charleston dance, without a partner.

Dude! I'm grown up!

And just as Rebecca believes that she's progressing, Josh is quickly digressing into his own chaotic mental state.

If Josh's only issue was moving on from a long-term relationship, I'd think that there was a chance that he and Rebecca could be happy together, but it's not the only thing Josh is dealing with.

Which leaves me wondering, has Josh ALWAYS been this immature, and we ignored it? I mean, I suppose breadcrumbs of his lack of maturity were always there. His conversations with Father Brah in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 do come immediately to mind.

Josh's childish tantrums were uncomfortable to watch. I suppose that's really the point.

We've always been a little befuddled by what exactly it is about Josh that drives her so insane.

And just when we think we understand who Josh is, and what it is that drives him, and see what Rebecca sees, he turns the tide and shows us a really unattractive side of himself.

I can't quite decide yet if Josh's behavior here is justified by his frustration with his choices, or if this is the reality of who Josh always has been.

Until this is cleared up with Greg, you and I are on pause.

That Emory sweatshirt.

While Greg isn't physically a huge part of the hour, his presence is felt heavily thanks to a reminder stowed away in Rebecca's drawer.

Josh can't reconcile what he's doing with Rebecca because despite his immaturity, he still has a good heart, and it's in the right place when it comes to his friendship with Greg.

Guilt overwhelms him so much that he dreams up a ridiculous fantasy that Greg is a bird out to get him. (I still don't totally get the bird reference, but Vincent Rodriguez III sold it, comically.)

Greg has been radio silent from his friends for a month. Those who do know what's going on with him are staying mum, and those who don't are left wondering if they'll ever see him again.

Rebecca makes it her mission to find Greg so that her relationship with Josh can move forward.

But I have to wonder – Rebecca kept Greg's sweatshirt, even as her relationship with Josh was blossoming (well, sort of). When she wanted to rid Josh from her life, she boldly got rid of everything that reminded her of Josh.

Greg's sweatshirt isn't sitting in a trash dump somewhere in West Covina, but rather sits neatly folded in the center of Rebecca's drawer... interesting.

Rebecca: But Greg's not an alcoholic...oh.
Paula: Yeah, I called that one.

It was so important to show us the montage of Greg's decreasing sobriety.

Many viewers were shocked by Greg's drunken stupidity on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 18, and felt like his alcoholism came on very suddenly for plot driving purposes.

To see a reel of Greg's decline in sobriety was, well, sobering for viewers. The writers always intended for Greg to have an issue with alcohol.

The writing staff also does a really great job of making it clear that Greg's alcoholism isn't tied to Rebecca, absolving her of being the bad guy who made Greg seek solace in scotch.

Greg's speech about his problem, how far back it went, and the way it made him feel was really well written, and well delivered by Santino Fontana. In an episode filled with wackiness (sex harnesses?), Greg's words were poignant and heartfelt.

Who knew that “glitter exploding inside of me” would become such a beautiful way to describe Greg and Paula's feelings of addiction?

There's something missing in my life, and I don't know what it is.


Speaking of Paula, paralleling Greg's alcoholism with Paula's need to get involved with Rebecca's hi-jinks is fantastic.

Paula, for so long, has been a faithful sidekick. Her need to better herself is admirable and inspiring on its own. It's hard for her to step out on her own to do anything, really.

But the fact that Paula is applying to law school and setting (legally binding) boundaries for her relationship with Rebecca show that she's done living her life for anyone but herself. She can get an emotional high because of her own accomplishments, things that will benefit HER.

Greg, similarly, is sticking with his program. What started for him as an obligation to court became a path to self-discovery and he's doing well staying sober...for now. It will be interesting to see how Greg's sobriety holds up once he reintroduces his friends (and their baggage) back into his life.

Greg and Paula are the two people who Rebecca allowed herself to be completely honest with, and they're also the two people most affected by her.

Seeing them moving forward and bettering themselves will undoubtedly take its toll on Rebecca, as she continues to hide behind her denial and her fear of admitting harsh realities to herself.

Who knows? Maybe seeing positive change happening for them will propel Rebecca to finally want to change the less-desirable parts of herself.


I gave him the key to my heart, and now I'm giving him the key to my ap-HEART-ment.


Rebecca declares it right away – this is what she wants.

Darryl and White Josh continue to be a beacon of stability in the chaos that surrounds them.

While they aren't a focus of the episode by any means, Rebecca envies the bond between them, and decides that she desires something similar for herself. She wants a deep connection, something she's deluded herself into thinking that she can have with Josh as long as she can manufacture the stars' alignment correctly.

So giving Josh a drawer that plays Joplin and having Paula use GPS hacking skills, in her mind, are okay because, as the new theme song tells us, Rebecca can't “be held accountable for” her actions. Her deeds are justified because they're all driven by her love of Josh. After all, calling her “crazy” is just calling her “in love.”

As I stated above, Rebecca is still in denial, just not about the things she was once was. She's honest about her motives and her feelings for Josh, but she still isn't seeing the big picture of her own mental state, opting to continue using her love for Josh as a distraction from confronting her own issues.

Overall, the return to West Covina sets up what is sure to be a complicated and cleverly written second tour through Rebecca's psyche, and how her own personal journey will continue to propel those around her forward (or backward).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go sign up for a subscription to Amazon Prime.

What did you think of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's premiere? Do you love the new theme song? Are you proud of Paula and Greg? Sound off below!

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Where Is Josh's Friend Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Rebecca: It's like you don't even believe in me and Josh anymore!
Paula: I used to think that you two had destiny on your side, I really did -
Rebecca: PAULA!
Paula: But I hate to say it, but I don't think Josh cares about you the way you want him to.

Paula: What you've got with Josh is an AirBnB with benefits.
Rebecca: You are so wrong!