Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is This The Last of Clyde?

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Andre and Chad set up Clyde, Deimos and Xander kidnapped Nicole, and Theresa and Brady dealt with the lockdown by having a mock wedding this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatic Jack Ori is joined by Mikey and Villa281 from My Hourglass: A Days of Our Lives Fan Forum, to debate Clyde’s exit, Theo and Joey’s reactions to the crisis, and which bombing victim story most held their interest on Days of Our LIves.

Orpheus Mocks Clyde - Days of Our Lives

Does Joey wanting to be a hero seem realistic to you, or is this a major departure for his character?

Mikey: I don’t see it so much as him wanting to be a hero as him wanting to be active and in the thick of things, which feels very Joey. To me, it feels mostly like not wanting to be treated as a child; any resulting heroism would just be an added perk. He’s also proven himself to be a complete idiot, so I am not at all surprised that he thinks it’s a good idea to inject himself into the midst of the chaos and danger.

Villa281: No, Joey being a hero did not seem realistic to me. He came across as very out of his element, I have to admit a chuckled a little bit when he said he should be out helping.

Jack: I agree with Villa281 that Joey didn’t seem to be in his element. It might have helped make this believable if he had any emotion in his voice whatsoever when he talked about wanting to help.

Which bombing victim story did you enjoy the most: Paul/Sonny, Dario/Eduardo or Kate?

Mikey: Absolutely Paul/Sonny. They have such a natural bond and chemistry. The emotion was so raw, but I liked how Paul pulled back when he was reminded of Will. And I surprisingly really liked Joey stepping in and encouraging them to be together.

Villa281: I actually liked all three, but if I have to choose I guess I would pick Sonny and Paul. Hopefully this will be the start of them making their way back to each other.

Jack: I was surprised to find Kate’s role in this so engaging! I usually can’t stand her but she displayed a much softer, empathetic side in her interactions with Eduardo and Theo. I thought Sonny and Paul were incredibly contrived and don’t get me started on the stupidity of the Dario/Eduardo interaction.

Do you think we've really seen the last of Clyde, and if so, do you think his exit this time is better, worse or the same as last time he was carted off to jail?

Mikey:  I think this is the last, yeah… although it’s Salem, so who ever knows? But his ties to the canvas are kind of wrapped up now. I do wish they’d had it come out that Clyde was involved in EJ’s death. That dangling thread is driving me nuts, and it would’ve been easy to fold into the scenes with Chad and Andre! I think this exit was slightly more satisfying than the last because at least it pertained to crimes we actually saw onscreen.

Villa281: I hope so. I’m not a big fan of Clyde, but I did like this storyline better than his last.

Jack: I honestly didn’t find this any more satisfying than the last time. After this entire set-up of Clyde being out for revenge, JJ arrests him for a second time without incident, entirely off-screen? We didn’t even get a sarcastic remark from Clyde about how at least this time JJ is showing his true colors! And I agree, Mikey, it’s beyond time to wrap up the fact that Clyde was behind EJ’s murder.

Do you think Theo is really done with reckless behavior in the name of avenging Abe?

Mikey: I hope so, but I’m dubious. I was hoping the scene with Kate (which I really enjoyed!) would sway him, but he never quite seemed to come around and accept his current role in the proceedings.

Villa281: I really hope so! Just like Joey, I felt Theo was very out of his element with this revenge storyline.

Jack: Theo seemed to feel really bad about disappointing Abe with his behavior, yet he did it because he’s angry that Clyde shot his dad. With Abe needing another operation soon, I’m afraid Theo may go off the rails again.

Aiden Tries to Blackmail Hope - Days of Our Lives

Which Hernandez story do you like least: the endless Aiden/Hope/Rafe triangle, Dario's insta-transformation, Eduardo's massive guilt, or Gabi's inability to stop making moves on Chad?

Mikey: Dario’s insta-transformation, because it felt so fast and forced. I’ve been tired as all-get-out of him moaning and groaning about how terrible Eduardo is, but to resolve it in basically one scene was comical. “I’m bad.” “But I’m worse! So it’s fine!” (Eduardo’s guilt is getting tiresome, but at least he’s actually claiming responsibility for his terrible decisions, unlike 95% of Salem.)

Villa281: I would say the Aiden/Hope/Rafe triangle, not really invested in either possible pairing. This storyline needs to end quickly.

Jack: I hate the Aiden/Hope/Rafe storyline with a passion. Aiden is one of my favorite characters and the writers are just ruining him more and more, and Rafe’s obnoxious attempts to defend Hope when she doesn’t want him to are not much better. I’m not sure which of these three characters is most unlikable. Dario/Eduardo is a close second. That was the most ridiculous, fast, and unbelievable forgiveness arc I’ve ever seen.

What, if anything, disappointed you this week?

Mikey: Not too much. Some of the moves felt a bit out-of-nowhere, but it was fun to see different sets of Salemites band together to bring down the baddies, and the explosions were shocking. I must say that I *am* disappointed that Kayla is being allowed to run around the hospital treating patients and performing surgeries when she’s fresh out of brain surgery herself — and also in that hideous leather-trimmed dress she’s wearing with her Rhoda Morgenstern headscarf. And I don’t know if ‘disappointed’ is the right word, but that insta-redemption they’re giving Andre — “He fake-shot his brother, so he isn’t that terrible after all!” — is ridiculous and weird.

Villa281: I would have to say the Aiden/Hope/Rafe storyline. Not invested in any part of this storyline.

Jack: Rhoda Morgensten headscarf - ha! Good one, Mikey. I can't stand Kayla’s too-quick recovery from brain surgery either. I also absolutely hate that Dario gets a free pass on hiring a thug to mess with Rafe/Gabi to discredit Eduardo. This reveal would have been much better had JJ been the one to make the discovery, as arresting Dario would have been a legitimate source of conflict between him and Gabi rather than this contrived Chad nonsense. Gabi’s lack of warmth when talking to JJ is not doing her any favors either.

What was your favorite scene, storyline or quote this week?

Mikey: I actually cheered when the panic room door closed on Clyde. Maybe I was just excited to see the Salemites actually do something intelligent for once! As for laughter, I loved when Lucas told Kate that Andre is just her type: “a homicidal maniac.” Because it’s true!

Villa281: I really liked the scene where Chad was shot, especially Judi Evans’ reaction. She seemed so horrified! Great acting all around especially now that we know it was all a hoax.

Jack: I also enjoyed seeing Chad/Andre take down Clyde, though it was silly to have JJ standing there mainly saying or doing nothing. But my favorite interactions this week were Kate and Eduardo and Kate and Theo.

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